St Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean
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40ft (unconfirmed)

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Marcies

Super dive, with lots to see, although not for the faint hearted as depths can exceed 100ft very quickly, and there is a chance of strong rip currents. On a good day vis is super. Site drops quickly with tall pinnacles of rock with what can only be described as 'land slides' of sand between. Lots of variety of sponges, hard and soft corals, and lots of critters and smaller fish varieties. NOT A BEGINNER DIVE! Make sure that you have a shore based spotter if you do not have any water based support. Drive up the Leeward Coast of St. Vincent towards Tromaka. You will see a large brightly painted sign directing you to Marcys Bar. Take a left. (Call in to the bar, buy a drink and if you don't have a shore based spotter ask Marcy if he would mind spotting for you - let him know that you will be back in an hour or so for another drink and he will be happy to do this for you!). Drive down to the shore where you will find an old cement dock and a small fisherman's work shop / boat launching site. Park up on the playing field next to workshop. Your car will be safe, just make sure that you lock the doors so that temptation is not put in anyone's way... Access to the beach is easy, and within about 15ft of the old dock you will start to see some super coral heads and a large variety of critters. Stay to the right of the bay as the prevailing current runs North to South.
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