Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Caribbean
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Mismaloya

Easy sandy beach entry. This is a cove, so there are two options to dive (left or right). Both sides are slopes with a max. depth of the cove 140ft. The best depth to see lot of tropical fish is at 30-60 feet. Recommended when there are no waves, and dive half a tank to go, and half a tank to come back so that way you do not have to snorkel or swim a long way. Easy to get there!! All the way to the south side hotel zone in Puerto Vallarta, to (Mismaloya beach) where hotel Barcelò is located. You can easily drive and park right in front of the beach for a comfortable set up your equipment. If you are not traveling with gear, it's easy to rent your equipment or tanks and weights. www.vallartaexplore.com
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John Bivens
John Bivens
Dec 19, 2015, 12:00 AM
We visited Puerto Vallarta, and I took the family to Mismaloya based on the locals advice as where to swim and snorkel. On the third day I went on a boat guided night dive and was amazed to see that they took us to Mismaloya. The same place we had been snorkeling with the kids. Water is nice, but I dove with a wetsuit and I was very comfortable. Snorkeling there is some coral and fish to see very close to the shore. My girls, 8 -11 and 12 where able to enjoy this spot. The night dive was incredible. Lots of wildlife and great vis. Next time I will take my own gear. There are many dive shops in Vallarta to get fills or rent but I won't pay to dive there again... I think one could kayak from Mismaloya to Los Arcos or the arches and dive there. That is what I am planning to do next time we are there. Right on the beach there are several restaurants and places to rent shade for cheap. There is a street that literally dead ends at the sand and there is free parking there. Los Arcos is an awesome dive but either swimming a couple hundred yards across boat infested waters or renting a kayak. At Mismaloya there are lots of fishing boats just sitting there and the captains will readily take you out to dive for about 100 dollars for the day. Still, the cove at Mismaloya is a great shore dive spot.
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