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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Nags Head

I have a friend who has a beach house in NC in the Nags Head area. We did shore diving there. Since none of the 'shore sites' are marked, it's a situation of where you have to know where on the beach to start, where to park, find the condo or beach house you use to reference the dive, then go X amount distance offshore and dive down and look. For example: The Tri-Wrecks. There are 3 wrecks (trawlers) in one place in 30-45 feet of water that are 100 yards offshore of a beach house. Two of the boats collided years ago and both sunk. Another hit the wreck years later and sunk. So all three together. Lots of fish and even sharks can be found on the wreck. It's a great dive, close to shore and a boat is not needed. The surf can be kinda rough and so can surface conditions, but it's as free as the cost of an air fill. If you go up there, most of the dive shops can probably draw you a map of how to find it. Not a recommended dive for a first time diver due to rough surface conditions swimming out to the wreck or for somebody who doesn't swim well. The surface swim is rough, but conserves air. In heavy surf, you'll have to dive and swim under the waves or get beat to heck and then re-surface past them and surface swim. There are also several other dives from the shore. One south of nags head that even sticks up out of the water, so it's easy to find, near Orgeon inlet. A little web research found the OBX dive shop we use. They have a list of wrecks on their website obxdive they also give shore dives. They talk about the tri-wreck calling it the 'triangle wreck'. You'll need to get a little more info that what they have to find the tri-wrecks underwater as they aren't right on the 2nd street access, but just probably about 40-80 yards south of it on the beach. The last date we went we were lucky as a group of spear fishing skin divers took a raft out and had it tied to the wreck, so was really easy to find. :)
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Matthew Holzmann
Matthew Holzmann
Jul 29, 2004, 12:00 AM
a little more info about the triangle wrecks: They're actually located in Kill Devil hills, NC, but it's all the same general area land marked by the roadway mile markers. I had the opportunity to work closely with the Outer Banks Dive Center (OBXDC) from May to July 03. I was just back there this summer to visit and dive. The triangle wrecks can be extremely dangerous because of local fishermen and spear fishers on these (and other) local wrecks. Conditions can change in a matter of minutes from very calm with no current to rough with strong to dangerous currents. Because of this, no responsible or safe dive operation should recommend diving this without an experienced guide/dive master a couple times. Caribbean divers and newly certified divers may find this type of Atlantic ocean diving difficult to unenjoyable, but I would more than recommend doing it at least once to experience the wrecks. Check the OBXDC website ( for more info on these and other local Nags Head wrecks and trip prices. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
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Jeff Mitchell
Jeff Mitchell
Oct 3, 2003, 12:00 AM
Dove on the triangle 2 tanks, shot some fish good dive.
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