North Wall

Cayman Islands, Caribbean
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at North Wall

Along the north shore of Grand Cayman, there are several places you can access and after a short swim be on the North Wall.
Greg Cole
Greg Cole
Jun 25, 2004, 12:00 AM
The diving is great anywhere along the north wall on the eastern half of Grand Cayman. The problem is finding a place to enter the water safely and the relatively long swim (15-20 min) out to the wall. Surface swim out from anywhere along shore. Note the moderate current. You will be able to see the bottom quite clearly. When you reach the edge of the wall descend and explore down the face of the wall. At turnaround time, ascend to the top of the wall but don't surface. Instead, follow the contour of the bottom back to shore. The moderate current that you had fight on the surface swim will be absent along the bottom and you will enjoy acres of pristine soft and hard coral gardens at 85-45 ft along the way. Beginners can enjoy these gardens with out having to brave the depths of the wall. There are two entry points that I know of and I'm looking of more. One is the cutoff just west of the entrance to the Barefoot Bay development along the east end of the northern highway and the other is opposite the Queens monument along the north highway. There are absolutely no facilities nearby. The closest shop that'll rent tanks is Ocean Horizons in East End (a 10 min drive). The dive shop at the Tortuga Club will not rent tanks.
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