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North Mole Barge (Gareenup Wreck)

#1 - North Mole Barge (Gareenup Wreck)

Australia, Western Australia, Pacific

The North Mole Barge is one of Perth's most accessible shore wrecks of some historic significance. Often referred to as the 'Gareenup Wreck', when in actual fact the wreck still remains unidentified. The wreck is of the construction of a steel hopper barge and due to having a boiler on site it likely had steam driven machinery or propulsion. The wreck is likely a dredge that would have worked the Swan River and Fremantle Port, but it is unknown when it was likely to have been sunk. Thought to have originally been destined for the Rottnest deep water graveyard it fell well short of its destination and was originally sunk 200 metres from its present day location. In 1988 due to expansion of the Fremantle port and with its popularity with local divers, the sunken barge was raised and finally laid to rest 180 metres north from the northern harbour sea wall.
Fremantle North mole

#2 - Fremantle North mole

Australia, WA, Freemantle

Very nice sponge life, look under the ledges for schooling bullseye, squid, octopuses, eels, boxfish and of course the elusive western blue devil are all highlights of this dive. very enjoyable dive and best in the evening around 4 o'clock in the summer. Good for crayfishing. To access follow the signs to the north mole (along north mole drive) you will get to the mole and simply drive to the end and park (hide you wallet because theives have been known) once geared up you will need to climb down the rocks ( super dodgy!!) and giant stride into the water. Follow the mole on the south side for as long as you like, keep the mole on your left, explore all the little nooks and crannies for critters, lionfish and western blue devils have been sighted at this spot before, also there are plenty of crayfish(make shure its in season and you have a license, hefty fines apply) be carefull not to stray into the channel because it is a controlled area! Fremantle North mole is also known as north mole.