Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Choco

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Choco dive site map
Islote La MIel

#1 - Islote La MIel

Panama, San Blas

Best season to dive from August to end of November when the surf is calm. During the rest of the year the surf is too strong. Anchor boat 10 meters behind the islet (south side) located in the northern side of Cabo Tiburon. Start dive to anchor and proceed towards the islet at a startind depth of 12 mt. The plan is to dive around the islet returning to the boat. Continue northeast (use your compass) and depth will gradually increase to 30 mts. Continue for 15 minutes and then use your navigation skills and turn west in order to go around the islet. At the end of the dive and heading south very close to the islet there is a small cave worth visiting. End the dive here and the boat should be just a few kicks away. Short boat ride either from La Miel, Sapzurro or Capurgana. Islote La MIel is also known as Internacional.
Punta Aguacate

#2 - Punta Aguacate

Colombia, Caribbean

Just continue a little bit south of Punta Aguacate where the surf is not too strong. Stay about 100 ft away from the cliff and look for the reef wall. Anchor, dive and follow the wall to the NE. If lucky you will encounter a huge grouper (Mero Guasa) inside one of the caves. Continue against the current (mild), no need to go over 80 ft. Lobsters are usually found in the shallower areas on the way to your boat. Best time:Oct-Nov. Worst: Jan-Feb-Mar 10 min boat ride SE of Capurgana