Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Seymour

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Seymour Channel

#1 - Seymour Channel

Ecuador, Galapagos, Santa Cruz Island

Boat from Puerto Ayora on Isla Santa Cruz. 30 minutes.
Seymour North

#2 - Seymour North

Ecuador, Galapagos, Santa Cruz Island

Seymour North is a 0-star rated scuba dive and snorkel destination in Ecuador, Galapagos, Santa Cruz Island which is accessible from shore based on 0 ratings.

#3 - Mosqueras

Ecuador, Galapagos, Santa Cruz Island

Sea Lions, Eagle Rays, Hammerheads, White-Tipped Reef Shark, Mantas, Garden Eels, Snake Eels, Bonitos, Jack, Mackerel, Threebanded Butterflyfish, Sea Turtles, Yellowtail Surgeonfish, Yellow and Blue Striped Snappers, King Angelfish, Parrotfish, Yellowtail Grunt, Peruvian Grunt, Cardinalfish, Galapagos Grunt, Sea Stars and more. Huge field of garden eels. Sometimes schooling hammerheads. Taxi to Itabaca Canal; boat to Mosqueras. Takes about 20 minutes to arrive. Mosqueras is a white sandy islet (sea lion colonies) between Baltra (island with airport) and Seymour, another dive site.