Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in جنوب سيناء

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The Canyon, Dahab

#1 - The Canyon, Dahab

Egypt, Middle East

The Canyon is one of the most amazing dive sites from Egypt, it's a crack that has been formed after a earthquake that touched the Gulf of Aqaba. The entrance of the Canyon is at 18 meters and you drop down until 30 meters. It's partially a overhead environment and from there the recreational divers can go through the crack and exit at a depth of 14 meters. Qualified Technical divers have the possibility to make the dive with a technical Instructor down to 52 meters where is another exit. This dive site is 10 minutes from Dahab in direction Israel and is located in the Gulf of Aqaba. The city Dahab is located 95 km North from Sharm el Sheikh and is accessible by car or bus.
Rick's reef

#2 - Rick's reef

Egypt, Dahab

North Dahab
Coral Garden Housereef

#3 - Coral Garden Housereef

Egypt, Safaga

A nice but simple Resort. Easy for beginners and families with children.