Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Cassis

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Cassis dive site map
Résurgence de Port-Miou

#1 - Résurgence de Port-Miou

France, Mediterranean, Cassis

Except if you stay outside, this is a cave dive for certified divers only! Deepest expeditions (Approx 1.500m long): -147m, reached by M. Douchet in 1993 -172m, reached by J. Meynie in 2005 Out of the rocky inlet of Port Miou. Fresh water is visible at the surface. Résurgence de Port-Miou is also known as Emergence de Port-Miou.
Pointe Cacau

#2 - Pointe Cacau

France, Mediterranean, Cassis

Nice dive site close to Cassis. Easy to find, short boat time. Suitable for beginners. Special feature: 2 cannons from the Napleonic Wars. Pointe Cacau is also known as Pointe Cacao.