Top Scuba Dive Shops in Raja Ampat Regency

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Papua Diving - Kri Eco Resort

#1 - Papua Diving - Kri Eco Resort

Papua is frontier diving. One of the last truly wild places on earth, it has yet to succumb to the pressures of overfishing, coral bleaching, exploding tourism and overpopulation. The diving reflects this. Topside there are few roads, even few boats ply the water in the Raja Ampat islands on the ""bird's head"", the far northwestern end of Papua where Papua Diving is located. Underwater, the life is wild, extraordinarily plentiful and for the most part, unexplored. Of the few dive operators to attempt regular operation in the area, (Tropical Princess and Pindito make or made forays into the area), Papua Diving is the most knowledgeable, with Max Ammer's many years of exploration and experiences with the indigenous Papua (Papua means ""kinky-hair"" in Malay) people.

Wreck diving in the area is superb as well. The wrecks here haven't been plundered as in Truk Lagoon, PNG, the Solomons, Vanuatu and other well-known wreck diving areas. Most of these WWII wrecks were not seen by humans again until the day we found them and are therefore completely intact. Over 50 years of marine life growing on and around them has turned them in beautiful gardens. By special arrangement, Papua Diving can schedule to dive wrecks in the Manokwari area (on the east side of the bird's head). Although there are plenty of wrecks all around the area, the wrecks in Manokwari are in shallow, clear water with plenty of coral growth and sea life surrounding them.


#2 - Lamima

Lamima is a resort dive shop located in Liveaboard, Indonesia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .