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Bully Diving

#1 - Bully Diving


Emerald waters, stacks overlooking the sea, Mediterranean scrub clinging to the rock, coves of fine sand, crystalline seabeds, sea caves, and for this reason it has been included in the areas to be protected.

In fact, the Tremiti Islands were declared a marine reserve with the Ministerial Decree of 14 July 1989 and since 1996 the archipelago has been part of the Gargano National Park.

The Tremiti are five pearls thrown into the Adriatic, a treasure trove of biodiversity and naturalistic beauty that make them an enchanted paradise among the most evocative of the Mare Nostrum.

Diving in the Tremiti is particularly characteristic, thanks to the sea caves, the walls that sink into the blue, the numerous ravines, the dens and the rich marine life present.

What awaits us underwater, clouds of Anthias, gigantic red and yellow gorgonians , scorpion fish, octopus , lobsters, groupers, sponges , snappers, amberjacks, moray eels , lobsters, conger eels, white breams, tuna , Alicia mirabilis, Cerianthus, scholars, goslings, a variety incredible species of nudibranchs , Mediterranean alcyonaries, sea cucumbers, sea anemone, saleps, the rare black coral (Antipathes subpinnata), the false black coranno (Gerardia Savaglia), red starfish and serpentine stars.

The diving center is located inside the Tourist Port of Rodi Garganico , the center has everything you need to spend fun diving days, with old and new friends, with all the necessary comforts.

Compressor : Coltri 16,000 liters / hour

Inflatable boat : 8 m long, with Yamaha 200Hp engine, comfortable for 10-12 divers, equipped with oxygen kit

Equipment : for those who need it, we have complete CRESSI equipment for hire

Location : the Tourist Port of Rodi Garganico provides a wide range of nautical and tourist services . 360 ° assistance, to make you feel pampered, always!