Top Scuba Dive Shops in Italy

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Italy dive site map
Free divers Italy

#1 - Free divers Italy

Free Divers DIVING CENTER è un centro immersioni e scuola sub aperto tutto l'anno. 
Situato all'interno della "Marina Arturo Stabile" offre un ottima logistica e molti servizi che renderanno le vostre immersioni ancora più piacevoli ed entusiasmanti.
Facilmente raggiungibile, anche a piedi, dal centro di Trapani offre bellissime immersioni su relitti e pareti colorate.
A.S.V. Trigone

#2 - A.S.V. Trigone

Diving in Catania is particularly appreciated thanks to the numerous and interesting diving spots along the entire eastern coast of Sicily and Catania in particular. Channels, canyons and caves are the scenic setting for diving in Catania. Thanks to the professionalism of the staff of our diving Catania, it is possible to approach diving both as beginners and as lovers of this underwater activity, now accustomed to going down to explore the depths of Catania, Acitrezza and Acireale. Every time, in fact, scuba diving becomes a unique experience to be shared with one's classmates. There are many diving courses in Catania that you can attend: basic PADI courses and specialty courses, diving courses to obtain the first certifications or to expand your knowledge of the diving world through professional teachings in the diving sector. The diving school of our diving in Catania is a friendly environment where it is possible to make new acquaintances of people with a common interest: the love for scuba diving in absolute freedom and the desire to discover new glimpses of the sea abysses along the coast of Catania and Acitrezza.
Marina Diving Center Lampedusa

#3 - Marina Diving Center Lampedusa

I primi respiri sott'acqua sono un'esperienza unica, che non dimenticherai più. Immergiti con noi per il tuo battesimo dell'acqua nel mare cristallino di Lampedusa
Centro Sub Treviglio

#4 - Centro Sub Treviglio

Centro Sub Treviglio is a cdc and resort dive shop located in Treviglio-Bergamo, Italy. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
A.S.D. Poseidon Diving

#5 - A.S.D. Poseidon Diving

A.S.D. Poseidon Diving is a resort dive shop located in Lampedusa, Italy. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Bluassoluto Diving

#6 - Bluassoluto Diving


Sardinia, Gulf of Asinara, Costa Rossa, looking north.

A warm and welcoming land. Unique flora and fauna in the world, in and out of the water.

This is our home and it is here that we started and carried out our project with pride: a diving made of people, for people.

Twenty years ago we started diving for passion, learning from a group of professionals who, like us today, knew that it is not just about technique and experience: you need the right atmosphere and company to enjoy a dive first, during and after.

Today we continue to dive, enriching every day our wealth of experience that we can boast of, full of dedication, sacrifice, professionalism and thousands of dives. Always looking for quality, because in our eyes you are people with emotions to discover, not numbers.



Odissey Diving Center

#7 - Odissey Diving Center

Odissey Diving Center is a resort dive shop located in Ponza, Italy. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Pollo Diving

#8 - Pollo Diving


Pollo Diving Asd was born in 2019 from the meeting of 2 friends with a passion for the underwater world, in the splendid setting of the Angolo Azzurro, a small and sheltered beach at the beginning of Porto Pollo.

Together with Stefano, Ignacio and the 7.5m and 200hp super-dinghy, perfectly equipped for diving and snorkelling trips, you can explore the most beautiful underwater and snorkeling sites of the archipelago of "La Maddalena" and "Lavezzi".

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Idea Sub

#9 - Idea Sub

Idea Sub Has Been The Point Of Reference For Diving And Swimming Since 1994, Boasting An Exhibition Of Over 100 Square Meters, Since 2005 We Have Also Opened A Space Dedicated To Archery And Crossbows. Our Specialized Technical Assistance Center Is The Only One Authorized By Cressi Sub For Italy, We Are Also Official Testers For The New Cressi Sub Products. Idea Sub Is Also A Padi Certified Diving School Active Since 1993. In Our Store You Will Find Professionalism, Competence And Friendliness. We Are Waiting For You In The New Store In Via Gerbi, 9 In Asti, In Front Of The Municipal Swimming Pool. With Pride And Satisfaction We Communicate That Idea Sub Is The Only Cressi Service Center Authorized For Italy
7 Perle ASD

#10 - 7 Perle ASD


There are many ways to dive or learn to dive. If you are looking for a stimulating and exciting underwater experience, different from the ordinary, serious and professional, try the experience of discovering a new way to dive or learn to do it with us in the wonderful Tuscan Archipelago: the seven pearls of the necklace of Venus, from which these wonderful Mediterranean islands are said to have originated! You will find that there is a very relaxing way to enjoy the underwater world. With us you can experience the thrill of diving and / or snorkeling in small groups with the highest professional standards, respect for the marine environment in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. We offer introductory experiences and programs and complete certifications according to the world's leading teaching: PADI from introductory dives to professional levels. EFR, BLS, BLSD and DAN courses and numerous specialty courses complete our training range. Those who have not dived for some time will be able to follow a reintroductive diving program by gradually and stress-free starting to discover the underwater wonders that this unique activity is able to offer us. 7 Pearls is much more than this is a reference for divers in the area and not only, not only for the wide and professional educational offer but also for the more playful part, in fact all our associates carry out various recreational activities, evenings at underwater theme, seminars, dinners (of course!), travel and much more, a group of friends who love to live the sea and be happily together.

Acquatica Scuba ASD

#11 - Acquatica Scuba ASD


We are an association that pursues the development and practice of recreational scuba diving through associative involvement, the organization of travel and diving training courses.

As PADI 5 STAR DIVE CENTER we are operating all year round, we organize diving courses of any level, from children to adults and we offer weekends and diving trips to the most beautiful diving destinations in Italy and abroad, as well as offering diving near the coast and in the lakes Abruzzo.

The center offers its members a classroom and a rubber dinghy to reach the most fascinating dive sites on the Abruzzo Trabocchi coast.

ASD Sommozzatori Bresciani Leonessa

#12 - ASD Sommozzatori Bresciani Leonessa

The sports divers Bresciani Lioness was founded in April 1983 with the aim of promoting diving in all its forms. The first fields were developed: the teaching, racing and archeology, which over time were joined by photography, underwater work, and marine biology. The Company's registered office was completely renovated in 2001. Members have access to the office, a large living room entertainment, classrooms that are used for teaching, meetings and screenings of films and slides, the library. Administratively, the company is composed of a President, 9 Directors and a Board of Auditors. The Governing Council meetings take place the first Thursday of each month. The board of directors is elected annually by the shareholders' meeting.
Blu Diving School Torino

#13 - Blu Diving School Torino


Blu Diving School is the only school in Turin that has reached one of the highest rewards for diving certification by obtaining the PADI FIVE STAR DIVE RESORT qualification for the quality of its services and for the professionalism of its instructors.

Safety and professionalism in teaching are two of the distinctive features of the Blu Diving School. The center employs PADI instructors able to train new divers starting from the beginner level up to professional levels.

A group of friends, an infinite dream, a great passion for a single color ... this is how Blu Diving School Turin was born.

Alessandro, Donato, Gianpiero, Luca and Roberto united by their great passion for the sea and diving, have founded a school where you can learn to dive, experience the sea from a new perspective, discover a group of people with whom to share friendships and experiences. All in an environment where maximum fun, relaxation and safety are guaranteed!

Under Hundred

#14 - Under Hundred


The base is located in a fenced area where all your needs will be met: it's possible to rinse out equipment, hang it up for dryng and recovering for the night. Divers and friends can rest on amacs between their dives, away from people and noice.
The Dive Center is not organized to support a big number of divers, Roberto guides not more than 4 or 5 divers per dive. If divers are more another divemaster come on board or more dives are planned to avoid too much divers per dive.
Dives are scheduled at 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, more dives can be planned at 11:30 am and 5:00 pm. Usually it takes 2 hours per dive thanks to the short distance to the dive sites, the fast boats and the small number of divers on the boat.

No Deco Diving School

#15 - No Deco Diving School


We are an ASD that has been carrying out recreational and technical diving courses since 2008, a few minutes from Lake Garda where we carry out most of our activities, we also offer the possibility of group outings, recreational and technical courses of all levels.

Possibility of Air and Nitrox refills up to 40% oxygen with Nardi Compressor and Control Unit.

Possibility to rent complete diving equipment and cylinders of 15, 12 and 10 liters.

Lionfish Scuba Club A.S.D.

#16 - Lionfish Scuba Club A.S.D.

Lionfish SCUBA CLUB CESENA started 10 years ago and after several experiences from three years he joined the PADI. In the first year of activity came the first results and the Dive-Ex 2010, the lionfish is awarded as "Best New Club Diver for Continuing Education." Wave the excellent results achieved in this 2011 is reached a new goal and Lionfish qualified as a "5 Star Instructor Development Center." The Lionfish Scuba Club is proposed with a staff of nine instructors, including 1 IDC Staff Instructor and complete the organic 3 and 6 Divemaster Assistant Instructor. Our Theoretical courses are held in our classroom. As well as the confined water are developed in our own lanes in the pool Municipal Cesena.
Diver Sea

#17 - Diver Sea

Today this diving in Calabria is one of the most interesting realities in the Italian underwater world and has made fun, safety and continuous training of divers its strengths. Unforgettable dives in the Riviera dei Cedri Marine Park, to be experienced during your holiday in Scalea, San Nicola Arcella and Praia. Diving courses of all levels, a section of the diving school dedicated to children and a particular section dedicated to the world of the disabled, all this is Santa Caterina Diving. In addition to lots of fun, courtesy and sympathy at your service.
Discovery Diving Sardegna

#18 - Discovery Diving Sardegna


Discovery Diving Sardegna is located just a few minutes by boat from the most renowned diving spots in the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo.

Always attentive to the protection of the marine environment, diving offers the opportunity to face the underwater world in total safety.

Thanks to our logistics, our divers will no longer have to transport their equipment and will find everything on the dock in front of the boat.

We bring the breakfast on board and after the dive our team takes care of rinsing the equipment.

Many projects dedicated to children, snorkeling trips and diving courses for new divers and advanced divers. In addition, many promotions on PADI specialty courses.

We hope to see you soon!


ASD Navy Seals

#19 - ASD Navy Seals


ASD Navy Seals is an authorized PADI DIVE RESORT based in the Marche region, in San Benedetto del Tronto.

We are a club of friends in love with the sea and its protection, our mission is to entertain the members by organizing events and trips in Italy and abroad with the aim of practicing our passion.

We organize recreational and technical diving courses in order to allow everyone to approach or improve their skills and knowledge.

Iron Sub

#20 - Iron Sub


Iron Sub is located within a private property, equipped with a heated and salted swimming pool with about 3000 m2 of greenery.

So the location is also comfortable for families, where children can play or also take courses according to their age.

The pool has a maximum depth of 1.70 m.

There is no possibility of staying at the Diving Center.


Bergamo Diving Center

#21 - Bergamo Diving Center


A group of friends, united by their great passion for the underwater world, founded the Bergamo Diving Center in 1986.

Since then, the non-profit company, with the aim of spreading the diving practice, involves anyone who wishes to do so in all the activities related to it, such as aquatic courses, PADI diving courses and EFR first aid, educational and educational seminars , initiatives to protect the sea and the environment, trips to discover the underwater world and of course many, many dives.

Funny encounters, sometimes exciting, that we of the Bergamo Diving Center wish to share with other friends who love nature, the sea and the lakes, who like or would like to face unusual situations, but with maximum safety.

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Mister Jump

#22 - Mister Jump

Mr Jump is an organization born from the passion of its founder, Giuseppe Di Leo, PADI instructor and PTA -TRAINER CTAS, who provides its expertise to those who wish to learn and put into practice diving.

Mister Jump offer:

  • Diving courses
  • Technical courses
  • Equipment rental
  • Boat trips (excursions)
  • Packages stay
  • Out raft
  • Diving day and night
  • Rinse and storage equipment
  • Transfer with mini-van
  • Conventions for groups
  • Conventions for clubs and diving instructors
  • Conventions for the best facilities

In addition, because our centre in Catania, we can guarantee also:

  • Etna excursions
  • Taormina tours
  • Diving across Sicily


  • Groups least 9 people from Palermo airport to Palermo port
  • Transfers at request throughout Sicily
Progetto Sub D.S.

#23 - Progetto Sub D.S.

Progetto Sub D.S. is a cdc and resort dive shop located in Cagliari, Italy. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Murena Diving Sporting Club Trieste

#24 - Murena Diving Sporting Club Trieste


We are a PADI Dive Resort, diving school, we organize all types of recreational and technical courses and EFR for our members.

Cento X Cento Diving A.S.D.

#25 - Cento X Cento Diving A.S.D.


PADI instructor training center on Lake Garda, we are located in Assenza di Brenzone (VR) in via Gardesana 44.

We offer training from basic courses to PADI and Tec Rec instructor training.

We have the possibility of recharging air, nitrox and trimix.

Sottolonda D. C. di Giuseppe Baccega &

#26 - Sottolonda D. C. di Giuseppe Baccega &


Our dive center is less than 50 m from the beach at Lacona, and has direct access from the road with its own parking area. The Sottolonda Diving Center HQ, completely renovated earlier this year, has a reception area, a teaching area, changing rooms with hot showers and a technical area for refilling air tanks with two compressors. 

Outside, our clients have access to containers to rinse their equipment and appropriate space to deposit their wet and dry equipment. A small area with drinks and snacks is the ideal place to gather after a dive and chat over events, meet with the instructors and guides, and make friends with other scuba buffs.

Sea Spirit Diving Resort

#27 - Sea Spirit Diving Resort


Sea Spirit is a PADI 5* CDC Dive Resort located at UNAHOTELS Naxos Beach in Giardini-Naxos, Sicily. 

Multi-awarded Diving Resort! With Sea Spirit, your day trip isn't just a dive trip, it's a full day out! Start your trip by marvelling at the hidden gems along the awe-inspiring coastline. Between dives there is a lovely break just next to the Isola Bella where fruits and ice tea are offered in a restaurant. After diving the staff create a relaxed atmosphere on board offering a taste of Sicilian almond wine with almond cookies.

Beneath the waves, you'll discover colourful Mediterranean sea fans and Pinne Nobilis, the largest clam in the Mediterranean Sea. Do something truly unique and dive amongst Roman columns at the Capo Taormina, or explore the marine reserve with all its sponges and astroidies (small sea daisies), ending with the blue cave or shrimp cave.

You will encounter a variety of fish species including groupers, moray eels, brown meagre, greater forkbeard, crabs, lobsters, eagle rays, octopus, goldline fish, saddled bream and much more. 

The center has a very customer-orientated, dedicated team which speak several languages and can teach courses suitable for beginners and professionals alike. There is an Olympic-sized swimming pool just a few steps from the shop- ideal for practising your underwater skills. A classroom with LCD TV is set up for training courses, and all equipment is well maintained. There are 2 diving boats which depart from the main harbour of Giardini-Naxos for diving and snorkelling trips.

Stella Azzurra Sub

#28 - Stella Azzurra Sub


The Stella Azzurra Sub sports club was founded in Modena in 2013 by a group of diving friends with over ten years of underwater experience.

Our mission? Make the underwater world and its natural beauty known to as many people as possible; with the aim of doing it safely and having fun!

Diving Alghero

#29 - Diving Alghero


We organize half day trip everyday in the morning and afternoon.

All PADI courses, from DSD to instructor level, are available

Hotel Corte Rosada is available for using swimming pool, beach, bar, restaurant and parking.

Kids are accepted from 14 years old

Bully Diving

#30 - Bully Diving


Emerald waters, stacks overlooking the sea, Mediterranean scrub clinging to the rock, coves of fine sand, crystalline seabeds, sea caves, and for this reason it has been included in the areas to be protected.

In fact, the Tremiti Islands were declared a marine reserve with the Ministerial Decree of 14 July 1989 and since 1996 the archipelago has been part of the Gargano National Park.

The Tremiti are five pearls thrown into the Adriatic, a treasure trove of biodiversity and naturalistic beauty that make them an enchanted paradise among the most evocative of the Mare Nostrum.

Diving in the Tremiti is particularly characteristic, thanks to the sea caves, the walls that sink into the blue, the numerous ravines, the dens and the rich marine life present.

What awaits us underwater, clouds of Anthias, gigantic red and yellow gorgonians , scorpion fish, octopus , lobsters, groupers, sponges , snappers, amberjacks, moray eels , lobsters, conger eels, white breams, tuna , Alicia mirabilis, Cerianthus, scholars, goslings, a variety incredible species of nudibranchs , Mediterranean alcyonaries, sea cucumbers, sea anemone, saleps, the rare black coral (Antipathes subpinnata), the false black coranno (Gerardia Savaglia), red starfish and serpentine stars.

The diving center is located inside the Tourist Port of Rodi Garganico , the center has everything you need to spend fun diving days, with old and new friends, with all the necessary comforts.

Compressor : Coltri 16,000 liters / hour

Inflatable boat : 8 m long, with Yamaha 200Hp engine, comfortable for 10-12 divers, equipped with oxygen kit

Equipment : for those who need it, we have complete CRESSI equipment for hire

Location : the Tourist Port of Rodi Garganico provides a wide range of nautical and tourist services . 360 ° assistance, to make you feel pampered, always!

Santa Caterina Diving Scalea

#31 - Santa Caterina Diving Scalea


Diving Calabria invites everyone, from first-time divers to expert technical divers, to discover the underwater worlds of the South Tyrrhenian Sea.

The courses range from beginners classes up to PADI Instructor Training, including dedicated children's classes and tailored programs for disabled divers.

Located inside the Policastro Gulf, dive on the "Costiera Amalfitana", one of the most famous cliff dives in the world. The marina position and biodiversity makes for a real Mediterranean experience.

Dive spots are ideal for entry level, advanced and expert level divers. There is an especially nice spot for technical divers on Dino Island where divers can search for black coral. In front of the hotel's beach you can explore the Lillois wreck.

Jonio Pro-Dive Catania

#32 - Jonio Pro-Dive Catania


Jonio Pro-Dive Catania is a PADI 5* Instructor Development Dive Center based inside Camping Junio in Catania.

Jonio Pro-Dive operates all year round and is managed by experienced PADI instructors who have a great knowledge of the surrounding dive sites. The center offers a full range of courses from Discover Scuba Dive all the way through to Instructor, as well as the PADI Tec Diver course. Some of the best dive sites are accessible from the shore, so there's no need to get into a boat to begin your dives.  On request, the is a dhingy to take you to sites that are further away, such as the Terni Wreck.

Star Sport & Sub

#33 - Star Sport & Sub

The sea, a submerged world full of treasures and secrets that deserve to be explored.

The immensity of the blue, which becomes one with us with diving ... Knowing heavenly places, making friends with bubbles, this is what awaits you.
The conquest of water from the very first breath ...
Give yourself this emotion.

The desire to explore the underwater world, the freedom you feel when you are in the water, the friendships that are created between "colleagues of bubbles" and the spectacular encounters that can be had under the surface are incomparable.
What are you waiting for to experience all these emotions?
The first breath ... you never forget!
Maxi Sub A.S.D

#34 - Maxi Sub A.S.D


The sea is our world, diving is our way of discovering it!

Maxisub ASD is the right choice both to start this wonderful adventure and to perfect and deepen your underwater knowledge and experiences.

Centro Padi since 1997, a long journey made of passion and professionalism.

Living the sea, getting to know it and appreciating its beauty: that's why we love diving, that's why we teach you and accompany you to discover it!

Scientific Diving School

#35 - Scientific Diving School


SDS - Scientific Diving School is the diving school of Marine & Freshwater Science Group Association ASD and association of social promotion registered in the registers of the municipality and the province of Bologna.

SDS - Scientific Diving School was born from the experience of its staff of instructors and researchers in scientific diving, carried out in Italian and foreign ecology and marine biology laboratories: from those of the University of Bologna to those of the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Science of Eilat (Israel), Buffalo Undersea Reef Research - State University of New York at Buffalo (USA), and Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science - University of Miami (USA). The underwater researchers of the SDS - Scientific Diving School staff carried out the first surveys on the state of the Maldivian reefs after the Tsunami of 26 December 2004, at the invitation of the Government of the Republic of Maldives. The underwater scientific research activity carried out by the staff members has received many awards, with international scientific publications and reviews in the national and international mass media.

Dive In Bellagio ASD

#36 - Dive In Bellagio ASD


PADI CENTER S28684 and DAN PARTNER 1017647 Guided lake, sea and cave dives - PADI recreational diving courses, TEC REC technicians, PSAI caves - Air, oxygen and helium recharge with mixing unit and booster - Full equipment rental - DPV Teseo rental - Courses first aid with AED

Gnu Diving

#37 - Gnu Diving


Gnu Diving was born like this! We met and recognized each other for the same enthusiasm, love and respect for the sea and everything it "contains". The sea forces us to slow down our every movement, the absolute silence, interrupted by our breath, allows us to connect with the marine environment, which never ceases to fascinate and amaze us.

We are guests of this world and we can only love and respect it. Gnu Diving offers everyone the opportunity to discover it for the first time and, for those already patented, to have new experiences with us.

What distinguishes us is the desire to share our passion in joy and pleasure, without detracting from professionalism and safety. For those who already know us, they know what we are talking about; for those who still don't know us, we don't anticipate anything ...



ClanDestino Sub

#38 - ClanDestino Sub


ClanDestino Diving is a PADI dive center and a group dedicated to diving underwater recreation, with the possibility of PADI DIVING COURSES on multiple levels, to become professional divers. Come with us and you will find friends to share emotions, photos, travel and much more. Our staff will advise and guide you in every type of diving and you will be involved in any other activity.




Porto Cesareo Diving nasce a Porto Cesareo(LE), una delle marine più importanti del Salento. Situato nel cuore dell'Area Marina Protetta di Porto Cesareo, con oltre 40 siti di immersione riesce ad accontentare anche i subacquei più esigenti. 

Le immersioni vengono sempre svolte da barca/gommone, ormeggiati a pochi metri dalla nostra sede operativa.

Il nostro centro 5 Star PADI propone corsi per tutti i livelli, dal PADI Open Water Diver fino alla formazione per istruttori, passando per i corsi tecnici per immersioni profonde o long-range o sidemount. Il nostro staff vi guiderà dai primi passi in poi...

Se non sei ancora un subacqueo e vuoi scoprire le meraviglie sommerse dell'Area Marina Protetta di Porto Cesareo il programma PADI Discover Scuba Diving è quello che fa per te! Un professionista ti accompagnerà ad esplorare i fondali all'insegna del relax e del divertimento, in totale sicurezza.

Possibilità di effettuare snorkeling tour per gli accompagnatori non sub.

A.S.D. Diving Agency Ischia

#40 - A.S.D. Diving Agency Ischia


A.S.D. Diving Agency Ischia è l'unico centro subacqueo, operante tutto l'anno sul versante occidentale dell'isola d'Ischia. Il centro è situato a pochi metri dal porto di Forio, da cui si possono raggiungere rapidamente sia le spiagge che i centri termali più belli e rinomati dell'isola.  Diving Agency offre l'opportunità  di fare interessanti e rilassanti immersioni, con guide esperte e professionali.

Obi Blu

#41 - Obi Blu

Obi Blu is a resort dive shop located in Albinia, Italy. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Aqua Element Diving Center

#42 - Aqua Element Diving Center


Aqua Element is a PADI 5* dive center offering recreational, technical and professional level diving on the coast of Patti.

 Dives take place along the Tyrrhenian coast, the Strait of Messina, and the Aeolian Islands - listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. This selection offers up a treasure trove of varied dive site and rich fauna, to be enjoyed in warm, clear waters.


#43 - DNA Sub


DNA Sub is Diving, Shop, Academy : From courses of all levels to refilling cylinders, from the sale of educational material and equipment to the organization of dives and trips. Here you can find all the services you need and even more. DNA Sub is equipped with a complete Web Platform . Visit also our Online Store and the Online Training reserved for our students.

Bluelba Diving

#44 - Bluelba Diving


Diving center located on Ottone beach on beautiful Elba Island. Daily diving on the most spectaculars dive sites of Elba Island, all levels diving courses , diving courses for children, snorkeling excursions.

Scuba & Sail Adventures

#45 - Scuba & Sail Adventures

In May 1991 two diving instructors Andrea Catellani and Corrado Santoli created Scuba & Sail Adventures (then called Scuola PADI Reggio Emilia). The passion for the underwater world and the great experience in the field of diving lead the school to grow exponentially, leading many people to approach the world of diving. Today Scuba&Sail Adventures is the first 5-star Padi centre, number 1 in Italy for the number of PADI patents issued.
Diving & Snorkeling Team

#46 - Diving & Snorkeling Team

Golfo Aranci excursions and diving DST Sardegna – Diving & Snorkeling Team is an excursion center and a PADI Dive Resort in Golfo Aranci where it is possible to book trips and dives near Olbia. Dolphin Watching Tours , snorkelling excursions in the Tavolara Marine Protected Area , rubber dinghy tours to the La Maddalena Archipelago , scuba diving, PADI diving courses, dinghy rental with driver and much more… Choose from the most requested activities and spend, in company of our team, an unforgettable holiday in Sardinia!
Centro Sub Costiera Amalfitana

#47 - Centro Sub Costiera Amalfitana

Centro Sub Costiera Amalfitana is a resort dive shop located in Praiano, Italy. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#48 - R.Sub


Historic diving equipment shop with attached school and diving center, PADI 5-star IDC instructor training center.

Diving Evolution di Galliadi Andrea

#49 - Diving Evolution di Galliadi Andrea


Dressing rooms, hot showers, two rubber dingies 8 meters long, 8 pax (covid times)

Aquarius Dive Center

#50 - Aquarius Dive Center

Aquarius Dive Center is a resort dive shop located in Capo Codacavallo S.teodoro, Italy. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Oltremare Diving ASD

#51 - Oltremare Diving ASD


Our names are Andrea, Gianni and Alessandro and we are the STAFF of Oltremare Diving Center.

Our history?

Simple: for us this is a job, done with a lot of passion and love for the sea.

It is with this spirit that Oltremare Diving Center offers its customers a particular, different atmosphere every day.

With simplicity, humility and professionalism at the same time, the diving activities are carried out trying to satisfy all the needs and requirements of our customers. Starting from the baptism of the sea, we move on to guided dives from the shore and from a raft and then move on to the issue of all types of recreational and technical and specialty patents of the underwater world, respecting the standards of the PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors teaching. We have two offices: the summer office located in Torre Inserraglio, marina di Nardò (LE), is composed of a reception, a classroom, a swimming pool dedicated to diving activities, a platform with direct access to the sea, changing rooms with shower, and a rinsing area. equipment, silenced charging station with attached Eanx control unit; the second location, the winter one, is located in Casarano (LE) and we collaborate with the most important swimming pools in Salento to carry out courses and Sunday events open even to the little ones.

Mare Nostrum Diving Ustica

#52 - Mare Nostrum Diving Ustica


We know that we’re just one of the many places where you can satisfy your pleasure of scuba diving. 

Although, we are concerned to be unique in our genre. We want to be a reason to come back! Ustica is a fabulous dive spot, one of the best in the Mediterranean. With our organisation and services, we would love to satisfy your pleasure of scuba diving, that perfect dive experience that meets your expectations, and little bit more. We can arrange the whole trip - your flight, sea connections, accommodation - in case you get stressed thinking to do it by yourself! Our dive centre is located just in front of the little harbour, for reception and equipment storage.

We arrange dive excursions throughout full-day diving , single dives or double-tank dives.
In low season we are fit out with a RIB, to accommodate about 12 divers (in normal period). It is equipped with an original tank rack and a secure ladder in order to allow easy exit out of water. Space on board is suitable for divers to bring along there own equipment and some personal belongings, and comfortable during navigation.

But our flagship is the Linosa Sunshine Day Cruiser, a boat especially planned and equipped for full-day diving, with comfort on board and relaxation for a limited number of guests. Dive points are reachable within maximum 20 minutes navigation, without any rush nor speed.

In all, 3 vessels available to offer you the best comfort and customise your scuba or snorkelling experience. The biggest fleet in Ustica Island. And the only PADI Dive Resort with a Dive Boat (2, to be precise). No comparison. 

Snorkelling tours, scuba experience programs and dive courses are run by a team of instructors, who will introduce you into the beautiful underwater world of the Mediterranean through local eyes, and guide you in discovering the wonders of a precious environment.

Go One Fin-Beyond and live the Ustica Experience with Mare Nostrum Diving

Sea Project Castelsardo ASD

#53 - Sea Project Castelsardo ASD


The Association Sea Project Castelsardo was created to promote all activities related to diving training and protection of the marine environment. Sea Project Castelsardo ASD is authorized to dive in the Marine Protected Area “Island Asinara” and is a member of the Association of Diving Centers Asinara. Sea Project Castelsardo ASD , Padi 5 Star Dive Resort Center is located in Castelsardo, an ancient town of the eleventh century, overlooking the Gulf of Castelsardo is easily reached from Sassari, Porto Torres, Alghero and Olbia.  The headquarters of the Sea Project Castelsardo association is located at the tourist port of Castelsardo. The activities take place from April to October, but by reservation it is possible to dive all year round and organize diving courses.

Asd Capo Milazzo Diving Center

#54 - Asd Capo Milazzo Diving Center


Scuba diving in the Marine Protected Area, snorkeling, freediving, guided excursions, diving courses, sea baptisms, underwater photography and of course ... we will have fun! All always in the name of raising awareness, safeguarding and protecting marine resources, sustainability and environmental education.

Punto! Diving & Friends

#55 - Punto! Diving & Friends


"After the magical moment when my eyes opened into the sea, it was no longer possible for me to see, think, live as before ..." (Jaques Cousteau)

We were born as an Amateur Sports Association in December 2011 from the love for the sea and for the diving of friends driven by the desire to let everyone know the most beautiful things on Earth… .. the Sea!

We are an association of divers but also and above all a "big family" !!!

We organize PADI diving courses and recreational dives in the Marine Protected Area of Portofino and on some wrecks of our sea and beyond ... we often find ourselves in the office just to meet, to study, to pass the time, exchange opinions, advice and experiences on the dives carried out or simply for a snack - even when the sea conditions advise us to stay ashore. When the season allows it, there is no better way to end a day of fun and aggregation with a splendid barbecue together.

The staff is made up of the founders, managers, instructors, assistants and dive masters, affiliated with PADI or other recognized didactics and all our diving and non-diving members who want to spend their free time in the Association.

Up Salento Diving

#56 - Up Salento Diving


The right center for PADI diving, snorkeling and scuba diving courses

UP Diving was born in 2019 from the desire to transmit our passion for the sea to as many people as possible.

We are a young and youthful reality, with a great desire to do and have fun together with all those who come to visit us.

We offer a wide range of services including guided dives for certified divers, but we are also ready to take you by the hand and accompany you during your first underwater experience and if that's still not enough you can explore our coasts and the suggestive sulfur caves . with a snorkeling excursion with your whole family

Our luck is that it is not a job for us!

we like to live under pressure

We are waiting for you in the splendid sea of Salento with diving, snorkeling and PADI diving courses ready to satisfy your every desire and to brighten your holidays.

Capo Galera Diving Center

#57 - Capo Galera Diving Center

Capo Galera is a professional diving center (PADI 5 Star Resort), located near Alghero (Sardinia), but still far from everything, in a white villa on the cliff. A unique place to experience the sea like no other. Although the highlights of the area are the countless underwater caves and caverns of the Capo Caccia Marine Protected Area, prepare to be amazed by the beauty of the Mediterranean marine life at its best! And for those who have not yet dived, there is no better place to take their first breath underwater!
La Perla Nera Diving

#58 - La Perla Nera Diving


Padi 5 Star IDC Resort

Capo Murro Diving Center

#59 - Capo Murro Diving Center


Almost two thousand years ago, Virgil sang, in the Aeneid, the Syracuse coast, the peninsula of Plemmirio and Capo Murro di Porco which was seen over the centuries as a border point between land and sea; today, however, it is the center of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area . It is from here that we start to lead you to discover the natural beauties above and below the surface, to dive together into a sea full of history and life. If you are a scuba diving enthusiast, discover the Capo Murro Diving Center in Syracuse. Thanks to years of experience in the sector, the Capo Murro Diving team will offer you the opportunity to take diving courses and to dive safely in one of the most beautiful marine areas in the Mediterranean.


Nearly two thousand years ago Virgil sang in The Aeneid of the coast of Syracuse, the Plemmirio peninsula and Capo Murro di Porco wich was seen as a border between land and sea during the centuries. Nowadays it's the heart of the Marine Protected Area of Plemmirio . Here is where we start to lead you to discover the natural beauties above and below the sea surface, diving together in a sea full of history and life.
Thanks to the experience and professionalism of the Capo Murro Diving Center staff, you will explore fantastic place in complete safety, using excellent high-performance equipment. Dreamy places and unforgettable experiences for anyone who wants to give their vacation an unusual color: the splendor of a blue sea.

ASD DNA Divertiamoci Negli Abissi

#60 - ASD DNA Divertiamoci Negli Abissi

"The sea is an immense desert where man is never alone, because he feels life quiver at his sides."
Centro Immersioni Sardegna S.r.l.

#61 - Centro Immersioni Sardegna S.r.l.

Dear diving friends, we hope you and your families are well, this is the most important thing in a time of great global health emergency. In addition to our health, COVID-19 has put a strain on our way of living, working, maintaining human relationships with relatives and friends and has forced us to move away from our daily habits and from everything that surrounds us. it seemed so obvious and that now, as never before, we have re-evaluated as very precious. However, all of this will come to an end, hopefully very soon and then we will be ready to welcome you to our marvelous land, which will seem even more beautiful to you, our perfumes, which will seem even more intense and our sea which will seem even more transparent! We will be here waiting for you and with the professionalism you know, we will guarantee you the highest safety standards, providing you with all the hygienic/sanitary devices required by national and regional provisions, so that you can practice your dives with maximum serenity. We will face this new season with great attention and care for all of you, for the trust you have shown us in these 32 years of activity and for the large family that we have become. We look forward to seeing you in Costa Rei… and it will, once again, be a great emotion! With great affection Alessandro and Paola
Diving Center La Gorgonia

#62 - Diving Center La Gorgonia


The diving is located in Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian Islands and was founded in 1992.

Pelagos D.C. Lampedusa

#63 - Pelagos D.C. Lampedusa


Historic Diving Center of Lampedusa operating for more than 20 years on the island, equipped with BAUER compressor, 9 m dinghy with 2 engines of 150 hp. and comfortable wooden pilot of 12 mt.

Diving in Lampedusa, Lampione, Linosa.


#64 - Bluforia



Bluforia is a recreational and technical dive center known for high quality training, personalised service and training tailored to your needs.

We are lucky enough to find ourselves in the Gulf of Orosei, famous all over the world for its rocky landscapes, wrecks and the incredible system of caves, the largest in Europe. This makes Cala Gonone a top destination for both recreational and technical divers, for people who want to try the diving experience for the first time or improve their skills and broaden their knowledge by following courses. Our dive sites offer comfortable conditions for beginners and thrilling for experienced divers.

With so many dive sites to choose from, you will be able to explore wrecks, caves and pristine open water sites filled with rocky passages. Fun is guaranteed here!

Great food, wonderful beaches and a unique atmosphere; Cala Gonone has everything you are looking for.

Y-40 The Deep Joy

#65 - Y-40 The Deep Joy

It was launched with a world premiere "Carte Blanche" at Paris Haute Couture Week. Iris Van Herpen has collaborated with French artist Julie Gautier to create a film that explores the idea of femininity and female beauty as a form of control. Film made by Behind The Mask by Florian Fischer with photography by Tony Meyer in Y-40 The Deep Joy, the deepest thermal pool in the world based in Padua.
Explorers Team Dive Center

#66 - Explorers Team Dive Center

Explorers Team Dive Center is a resort dive shop located in Quartu Sant'Elena, Italy. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Diving Center Costa Paradiso

#67 - Diving Center Costa Paradiso


ASD Costa Paradiso Diving Center operates in territory that is for the most part a natural park and offers some of the most exclusive dives Sardinia.

Sponges and corals, seahorses, octopus and lobster are encountered regularly by those diving in the clear waters of the Costa Paradiso. 

This well-equipped PADI dive center offers a rich range of excursions for beginners and advanced divers to the discover these enchanting diving spots.

Characterized by natural beaches and romantic coves, the surrounding landscapes are just as breath-taking as the aquatic wilderness below the waves.

Scarlino Diving Center

#68 - Scarlino Diving Center

Scarlino Diving Center is a retail dive shop located in Scarlino, Italy. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#69 - Divexplorer

Immersion at Y-40 of Montegrotto Terme – Sunday 19 February at 17.30 28/01/2023 Thank you all for a wonderful Maldives cruise!!! Until next time !!! 01/23/2023 Happy Holidays from all the Divexplorer Team! 12/22/2022 Give a SUB course 21/12/2022 Hogarthian Configuration 11/17/2022 HEART CHRISTMAS 11/15/2022 Five Star Instructor Development Center 10/11/2022
Scuba Point

#70 - Scuba Point


dives and diving courses in La Maddalena National park and Lavezzi marine reserve

I Sette Mari Tech Dive

#71 - I Sette Mari Tech Dive

I Sette Mari is a diving school that was born in 2004. Occulto Luca takes full legal responsibility by leading the diving school over the years until today. I Sette Mari is AN AMATEUR SPORTS ASSOCIATION (ASD) AFFILIATED WITH AICS SPORTS PROMOTION BODY Our offices are: Porto Torres operational headquarters open all year round, Sorso administrative headquarters e Asinara with summer project headquarters. Over the years, the school has dedicated itself with passion and scrupulousness to the Gulf with Recreational and Technical diving dedicated to adults (diving courses all year round) and summer activities aimed at children (juvenile underwater sector). Since 2011, President Luca Occulto, as manager and supervisor of diving activities, has focused attention on the Isola dell'Asinara National Park and Marine Protected Area with activities aimed at the youth sector and the birth of projects dedicated to young people. Today the school offers many activities aimed at members on the Park Island. Daily scuba diving activities are carried out, I Sette Mari are diving operators of the Park Island. For more info Explore the Asinara Park Over the years, the diving school has been present in various national events (school fairs, Eudishow, SubinItaly) to present the various projects.
Marina Diving Center

#72 - Marina Diving Center


diving center on the harbor with reserved parking, free changing rooms for men and women for equipment storage, rinsing tanks for sale Scubapro Mares Aqualung Cressi large comfortable boats

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Como Sub

#73 - Como Sub

ComoSub is a non-profit amateur sports association, which aims to disseminate, encourage and support diving disciplines. Our activities take place between associates, but above all between friends united by a passion for diving. Our association is open to all those who are passionate about underwater sports, who already practice diving or who are willing to do so.
Portofino Divers

#74 - Portofino Divers


Since 2002 our philosophy is to provide the most demanding diver with a very personal dive experience with maximum 10 divers per boat, 5 divers per instructor or divemaster, to guarantee the highest standards of comfort before, during and after the dive. What's more, we insist on the same level of training and/or experience for all those taking part in the dive team, in order to optimise the choice of dive site and assure a safe, extensive and enjoyable dive for all. All dive trips are led by local instructors who have in-depth knowledge of the different habitats of the Portofino promontory and are dedicated custodians of its treasures. No matter the distance and time it takes to get there, Susanna and Bruno will focus on taking you the very best dive sites and the many surprising wrecks Portofino has to offer.

Argentario Divers

#75 - Argentario Divers

Argentario Divers, Resort Padi and UTD is located in Porto Ercole, a charming village dating back to the eleventh century, overlooking the Argentario Mountain. Porto Ercole is easy to reach from Rome, Florence, Siena, e Perugia. The Centre is situated in front of the sea. It is open year round.
Cen. Imm. Figarolo snc

#76 - Cen. Imm. Figarolo snc

Figarolo Diving Center also called CIF was born over 20 years ago, and for a long time it was the only diving center in the area and was the first diving center in Golfo Aranci. The Figarolo Immersion Center is the oldest diving center in the town of Golfo Aranci and has been a point of reference for years for many divers who intend to discover the submerged beauties of the area, and it is also a forge for the baptism of new divers, and also for those who with just one dive they want to discover this wonderful sport. Centro Immersioni Figarolo is also a school for diving instructors who at the Centro Immersioni Figarolo reach that degree of specialization and that experience that will allow us to bring our tradition and the professionalism that distinguishes us around the world. So when you dive in other locations, don't be surprised if your instructor, guide or escort was trained at the Figarolo Diving Center in Golfo Aranci.
Roccaruja Diving Center

#77 - Roccaruja Diving Center


ROCCARUJA DIVING CENTER Gold Palm Five Stars Resort PADI # 798556

The Roccaruja Diving Center is a member of the International PADI Resort Association where the best diving centers in the world are grouped, in full compliance with the international standards that regulate diving activities. Diving is part of the Mares Scuba Diving Worldwide Network, providing, among other things, its customers with technical assistance specialized in diving equipment. He is a sponsor of the DAN (Divers Alert Network) and has stipulated specific insurance policies with this organization to better protect its customers. Since March 2003 diving has become an official partner of the PADI "Project AWARE" by collaborating directly with the AWARE foundation, raising awareness of the respect for the marine environment, the protection and safeguard of aquatic ecosystems. Every season a cleaning of the coast and of the seabed is organized inside the Asinara park in conjunction with the "International Beach Clean Up Day"

Venice Diving

#78 - Venice Diving

Between the Adriatic Sea and the Venice Lagoon, in the heart of the Cavallino Treporti peninsula, stands the Camping Village Mediterraneo, a 5-star facility with large pitches equipped for camping enthusiasts, welcoming mobile homes suitable for spending a pleasant village and, for guests who wish to indulge in the same emotions of camping but with the comfort of a home, the glamping lodging tents and exclusive glamping homes .
Sub Center Villasimius

#79 - Sub Center Villasimius


Free access, located on the Simius beach adjacent to the Tanka Village.

Extreme comfort, boarding directly from the beach.

Bully Diving

#80 - Bully Diving