Top Scuba Dive Shops in Sardegna

Ready to check out the best shops in Sardegna for scuba diving, snorkeling, shore diving, free diving or other ocean activities? Zentacle has 23 dive shops where you can rent equipment, book dives, and get guided tours. Discover hand-curated maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best ocean activities in Sardegna to suit your needs.
Bluassoluto Diving

#1 - Bluassoluto Diving


Sardinia, Gulf of Asinara, Costa Rossa, looking north.

A warm and welcoming land. Unique flora and fauna in the world, in and out of the water.

This is our home and it is here that we started and carried out our project with pride: a diving made of people, for people.

Twenty years ago we started diving for passion, learning from a group of professionals who, like us today, knew that it is not just about technique and experience: you need the right atmosphere and company to enjoy a dive first, during and after.

Today we continue to dive, enriching every day our wealth of experience that we can boast of, full of dedication, sacrifice, professionalism and thousands of dives. Always looking for quality, because in our eyes you are people with emotions to discover, not numbers.



Pollo Diving

#2 - Pollo Diving


Pollo Diving Asd was born in 2019 from the meeting of 2 friends with a passion for the underwater world, in the splendid setting of the Angolo Azzurro, a small and sheltered beach at the beginning of Porto Pollo.

Together with Stefano, Ignacio and the 7.5m and 200hp super-dinghy, perfectly equipped for diving and snorkelling trips, you can explore the most beautiful underwater and snorkeling sites of the archipelago of "La Maddalena" and "Lavezzi".

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Discovery Diving Sardegna

#3 - Discovery Diving Sardegna


Discovery Diving Sardegna is located just a few minutes by boat from the most renowned diving spots in the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo.

Always attentive to the protection of the marine environment, diving offers the opportunity to face the underwater world in total safety.

Thanks to our logistics, our divers will no longer have to transport their equipment and will find everything on the dock in front of the boat.

We bring the breakfast on board and after the dive our team takes care of rinsing the equipment.

Many projects dedicated to children, snorkeling trips and diving courses for new divers and advanced divers. In addition, many promotions on PADI specialty courses.

We hope to see you soon!


Diving Alghero

#4 - Diving Alghero


We organize half day trip everyday in the morning and afternoon.

All PADI courses, from DSD to instructor level, are available

Hotel Corte Rosada is available for using swimming pool, beach, bar, restaurant and parking.

Kids are accepted from 14 years old

Progetto Sub D.S.

#5 - Progetto Sub D.S.

Progetto Sub D.S. is a cdc and resort dive shop located in Cagliari, Italy. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Sea Project Castelsardo ASD

#6 - Sea Project Castelsardo ASD


The Association Sea Project Castelsardo was created to promote all activities related to diving training and protection of the marine environment. Sea Project Castelsardo ASD is authorized to dive in the Marine Protected Area “Island Asinara” and is a member of the Association of Diving Centers Asinara. Sea Project Castelsardo ASD , Padi 5 Star Dive Resort Center is located in Castelsardo, an ancient town of the eleventh century, overlooking the Gulf of Castelsardo is easily reached from Sassari, Porto Torres, Alghero and Olbia.  The headquarters of the Sea Project Castelsardo association is located at the tourist port of Castelsardo. The activities take place from April to October, but by reservation it is possible to dive all year round and organize diving courses.

Diving & Snorkeling Team

#7 - Diving & Snorkeling Team

Golfo Aranci excursions and diving DST Sardegna – Diving & Snorkeling Team is an excursion center and a PADI Dive Resort in Golfo Aranci where it is possible to book trips and dives near Olbia. Dolphin Watching Tours , snorkelling excursions in the Tavolara Marine Protected Area , rubber dinghy tours to the La Maddalena Archipelago , scuba diving, PADI diving courses, dinghy rental with driver and much more… Choose from the most requested activities and spend, in company of our team, an unforgettable holiday in Sardinia!
Capo Galera Diving Center

#8 - Capo Galera Diving Center

Capo Galera is a professional diving center (PADI 5 Star Resort), located near Alghero (Sardinia), but still far from everything, in a white villa on the cliff. A unique place to experience the sea like no other. Although the highlights of the area are the countless underwater caves and caverns of the Capo Caccia Marine Protected Area, prepare to be amazed by the beauty of the Mediterranean marine life at its best! And for those who have not yet dived, there is no better place to take their first breath underwater!
Centro Immersioni Sardegna S.r.l.

#9 - Centro Immersioni Sardegna S.r.l.

Dear diving friends, we hope you and your families are well, this is the most important thing in a time of great global health emergency. In addition to our health, COVID-19 has put a strain on our way of living, working, maintaining human relationships with relatives and friends and has forced us to move away from our daily habits and from everything that surrounds us. it seemed so obvious and that now, as never before, we have re-evaluated as very precious. However, all of this will come to an end, hopefully very soon and then we will be ready to welcome you to our marvelous land, which will seem even more beautiful to you, our perfumes, which will seem even more intense and our sea which will seem even more transparent! We will be here waiting for you and with the professionalism you know, we will guarantee you the highest safety standards, providing you with all the hygienic/sanitary devices required by national and regional provisions, so that you can practice your dives with maximum serenity. We will face this new season with great attention and care for all of you, for the trust you have shown us in these 32 years of activity and for the large family that we have become. We look forward to seeing you in Costa Rei… and it will, once again, be a great emotion! With great affection Alessandro and Paola
Explorers Team Dive Center

#10 - Explorers Team Dive Center

Explorers Team Dive Center is a resort dive shop located in Quartu Sant'Elena, Italy. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#11 - Bluforia



Bluforia is a recreational and technical dive center known for high quality training, personalised service and training tailored to your needs.

We are lucky enough to find ourselves in the Gulf of Orosei, famous all over the world for its rocky landscapes, wrecks and the incredible system of caves, the largest in Europe. This makes Cala Gonone a top destination for both recreational and technical divers, for people who want to try the diving experience for the first time or improve their skills and broaden their knowledge by following courses. Our dive sites offer comfortable conditions for beginners and thrilling for experienced divers.

With so many dive sites to choose from, you will be able to explore wrecks, caves and pristine open water sites filled with rocky passages. Fun is guaranteed here!

Great food, wonderful beaches and a unique atmosphere; Cala Gonone has everything you are looking for.

Cen. Imm. Figarolo snc

#12 - Cen. Imm. Figarolo snc

Figarolo Diving Center also called CIF was born over 20 years ago, and for a long time it was the only diving center in the area and was the first diving center in Golfo Aranci. The Figarolo Immersion Center is the oldest diving center in the town of Golfo Aranci and has been a point of reference for years for many divers who intend to discover the submerged beauties of the area, and it is also a forge for the baptism of new divers, and also for those who with just one dive they want to discover this wonderful sport. Centro Immersioni Figarolo is also a school for diving instructors who at the Centro Immersioni Figarolo reach that degree of specialization and that experience that will allow us to bring our tradition and the professionalism that distinguishes us around the world. So when you dive in other locations, don't be surprised if your instructor, guide or escort was trained at the Figarolo Diving Center in Golfo Aranci.
Scuba Point

#13 - Scuba Point


dives and diving courses in La Maddalena National park and Lavezzi marine reserve

I Sette Mari Tech Dive

#14 - I Sette Mari Tech Dive

I Sette Mari is a diving school that was born in 2004. Occulto Luca takes full legal responsibility by leading the diving school over the years until today. I Sette Mari is AN AMATEUR SPORTS ASSOCIATION (ASD) AFFILIATED WITH AICS SPORTS PROMOTION BODY Our offices are: Porto Torres operational headquarters open all year round, Sorso administrative headquarters e Asinara with summer project headquarters. Over the years, the school has dedicated itself with passion and scrupulousness to the Gulf with Recreational and Technical diving dedicated to adults (diving courses all year round) and summer activities aimed at children (juvenile underwater sector). Since 2011, President Luca Occulto, as manager and supervisor of diving activities, has focused attention on the Isola dell'Asinara National Park and Marine Protected Area with activities aimed at the youth sector and the birth of projects dedicated to young people. Today the school offers many activities aimed at members on the Park Island. Daily scuba diving activities are carried out, I Sette Mari are diving operators of the Park Island. For more info Explore the Asinara Park Over the years, the diving school has been present in various national events (school fairs, Eudishow, SubinItaly) to present the various projects.
Diving Center Costa Paradiso

#15 - Diving Center Costa Paradiso


ASD Costa Paradiso Diving Center operates in territory that is for the most part a natural park and offers some of the most exclusive dives Sardinia.

Sponges and corals, seahorses, octopus and lobster are encountered regularly by those diving in the clear waters of the Costa Paradiso. 

This well-equipped PADI dive center offers a rich range of excursions for beginners and advanced divers to the discover these enchanting diving spots.

Characterized by natural beaches and romantic coves, the surrounding landscapes are just as breath-taking as the aquatic wilderness below the waves.

Roccaruja Diving Center

#16 - Roccaruja Diving Center


ROCCARUJA DIVING CENTER Gold Palm Five Stars Resort PADI # 798556

The Roccaruja Diving Center is a member of the International PADI Resort Association where the best diving centers in the world are grouped, in full compliance with the international standards that regulate diving activities. Diving is part of the Mares Scuba Diving Worldwide Network, providing, among other things, its customers with technical assistance specialized in diving equipment. He is a sponsor of the DAN (Divers Alert Network) and has stipulated specific insurance policies with this organization to better protect its customers. Since March 2003 diving has become an official partner of the PADI "Project AWARE" by collaborating directly with the AWARE foundation, raising awareness of the respect for the marine environment, the protection and safeguard of aquatic ecosystems. Every season a cleaning of the coast and of the seabed is organized inside the Asinara park in conjunction with the "International Beach Clean Up Day"

Sub Center Villasimius

#17 - Sub Center Villasimius


Free access, located on the Simius beach adjacent to the Tanka Village.

Extreme comfort, boarding directly from the beach.

Argonauta Diving Sardinia - Buddy dive Network

#18 - Argonauta Diving Sardinia - Buddy dive Network

The DIVING CENTER ARGONAUTA, Padi 5 star Dive Resort S-9538, operates on the east coast of Sardinia at Cala Gonone, an enchanting, unspoilt coastal village which provides a perfect base from which to explore the scenic treasures around. Cala Gonone looks out onto the Gulf of Orosei, a Marine oasis inside the Gennargentu National Park, known world-wide for its limestone cliffs which stretch for 40 kilometres, furrowed by deep gorges and codule (dried-out riverbeds). Cala Gonone is famous for the endless array of caves, tunnels and mysterious enclosures found near the surface of the sea. Many of these cavities have an above-ground portion that continues underwater.
Blu Infinito Diving Center

#19 - Blu Infinito Diving Center

Ever since the opening in 2006 Blu Infinito keeps top level quality and customer satisfaction striving to provide the customers with the best possible service. The center is located just a few strides away from the beach, it offers a fully capable reception, dressing rooms with lockers and hot shower, ample twin rinsing pools and a fully equipped classroom. The marine park offers a variety of environments(caves, walls, boulders, pinnacles, wrecks),an incredibly abundant sea life and biodiversity with crystal clear visibility and warm waters up to 28° C in the summer period. We offer: guided dive PADI courses to all levels snorkeling refilling station with air or NITROX Scubapro gear for hire package of accommodation+dives airport transfer
Subaqua Dive Service S.R.L.S.

#20 - Subaqua Dive Service S.R.L.S.


SubAquaDive Service was born from an idea of Alberto Cicotto, Founder and Manager.

Diving Center located in Villasimius with a very clear mission: to reconnect people to the sea, transmitting the knowledge of its wonderful balance.

Driven by a strong bond with the Sardinian territory, we are committed to the cooperation and promotion of sustainable tourism that vibrates with life all year round!

The entire SubAquaDive team is made up of Instructors and Underwater Guides regularly registered in the Regional Register, professional experts and profound connoisseurs of the Island, who will accompany you and enrich your experience under the surface.

In addition to tourist and recreational activities, we are a school of excellence in Sardinia in the issue of Courses and Patents, for beginners and professionals, from eight years upwards!

We offer FREE enriched air and NITROX patents, because your safety is more important to us!

Diving Center located in Villasimius and Costa Rei, recreational and training services of Snorkeling / Scuba Diving / Courses and Certificates / from eight years upwards!

Karibu Diving & Travel

#21 - Karibu Diving & Travel

The Karibu diving Center of San Teodoro is located at the Hotel Lisuari. Located directly on the beach of Cala d'Ambra, completely surrounded by trees and immersed in the typical Mediterranean vegetation that surrounds the "Tavolara/Capo Coda Cavallo Marine Protected Area" reserve (park map). The complex consists of a central area on the sea, where the main services are located, and a series of small independent buildings where the rooms are located, surrounded by well-kept green spaces alternating with seasonal blooms and connected to each other by illuminated stone paths.
Argonauta La Maddalena

#22 - Argonauta La Maddalena

THE DIVING ARGONAUTA CALA GONONE (5 stars Padi IDC Center S-9538) operates on the eastern coast of Sardinia in Cala Gonone, an enchanting tourist center that overlooks the Gulf of Orosei, a future marine park, famous for its 40 km of high and wild limestone cliffs. The large natural amphitheater in which Cala Gonone stands, combined with the total lack of urban settlements and coastal roads, makes this coast one of the most interesting from a naturalistic and environmental point of view. The beaches, almost all accessible only from the sea, open onto the coast between stacks and overhangs, caves and rock arches in a landscape of extraordinary beauty. The gulf of Orosei stretches wide on the eastern coast of Sardinia, bounded to the north by Punta Nera and to the south by Capo di Monte Santu.
Air Sub Service SRL

#23 - Air Sub Service SRL


Centro Padi 5 stelle che opera nel territorio dal 1990. Air Sub Diving ha sede a Villasimius, zona centrale dell'Area Marina Protetta di Capo Carbonara, nel golfo di Cagliari.  Si organizzano corsi di tutti i livelli a partire dai 10 anni. Possibilità di immersioni per ogni livello, snorkeling e apnea. La flotta è composta da una comoda imbarcazione con tendalino e bagno e da un veloce gommone. Possibilità di pernottare nel diving center.