Top Scuba Dive Shops in Malaysia

Ready to check out the best shops in Malaysia for scuba diving, snorkeling, shore diving, free diving or other ocean activities? Zentacle has 81 dive shops where you can rent equipment, book dives, and get guided tours. Discover hand-curated maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best ocean activities in Malaysia to suit your needs.
Malaysia dive site map
Dragonet Diving

#1 - Dragonet Diving


Dragonet Diving was established in February 2001 and has since guided many individuals from being a non-diver to an avid diver. As a professional and premier dive center, we offer a full range of PADI diving courses that cater to juniors, beginners, and professionals.

If you are contemplating your first dive, the only way to find out if you enjoy it is to try it! You will gain your certification at a pace that you are comfortable with. Plus, you might just discover a new hobby to keep you happy for a long, long time.

If you are already certified or would like to go on a beach trip minus the dives. We have plenty of fun trips and dive excursions for you to choose from.

We also offer a full range of PADI continuing education programs and specialty courses.

The PADI system is the most instructional solid system in diving. PADI courses are designed to make learning enjoyable and worthwhile. PADI Instructors such as Dragonet Diving are trained and held to diving's highest standards, backed by a solid and proactive quality management system.

PADI divers carry the most respected and sought-after scuba diving credentials in the world. Your PADI certification card will be recognized and accepted worldwide.

If you love the sand, sea, and sun, then you'll probably love the experiences that you will gain with us. At Dragonet Diving, we offer an extensive range of dive courses at various beautiful destinations. Regardless of whether you want to try diving, or are a beginner, or an advanced diver, Dragonet Diving ensures that all dives are conducted in a safe, fun, and enjoyable manner.

We also retail dive equipment and accessories from renowned brands that are available at competitive prices.

Jom Adventure

#2 - Jom Adventure


We are a PADI authorised Dive Center (S-27057) and licensed with Ministry of Tourism and Culture (KPK/LN9926). As a PADI Dive Center we have all you need to become a certified scuba diver. Our service does not end there and as a license travel agent company, we do trips for fun dive and adventure activities locally or overseas. We're also an authorised reseller of the Poseidon brand. 

New KK Holiday

#3 - New KK Holiday


We welcome customized tours such as free travel in Kota Kinabalu, hotel reservations, tour reservations, charter services, fishing, airport pickup, golf reservations, and more. For inquiries, please contact KakaoTalk ID -newkkholiday-

Sealantis Dive Centre

#4 - Sealantis Dive Centre


One of the longest established dive centres on Tioman Island, Sealantis is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre. All our instructors are PADI professionals with years of teaching and diving experience behind them. Our staff are well-versed, friendly and accommodative. We also cater and accommodate free-lance instructors and other dive centres that do not have the facilities.

Cosmic Divers

#5 - Cosmic Divers


Explore the beautiful underwater world of the Perhentian Islands with Cosmic Divers, a small cozy dive centre situated on a semi-private beach against a backdrop of lush jungles, offering stunning views of the crystal blue sea and a laid-back beach vibe.

We run daily recreational diving trips and offer a wide range of PADI scuba diving courses from beginner to professional level. We are one of the few dive centres on the Perhentian Islands that provide Nitrox fills.

Our friendly dive team is committed to giving all of our divers a memorable experience by providing personalized, premium customer service while making safety our priority. We keep our instructor to student ratio low and all dives are guided by experienced PADI professionals.

The calm seas during the dry season from March to October offer pleasant diving conditons, making the Perhentian Islands an ideal destination for dive training and for divers who want to enjoy some nice, relaxing dives.

Join us on your next holiday for a cosmic experience!

Marine Monkees (M) Sdn Bhd

#6 - Marine Monkees (M) Sdn Bhd


Started in 2008 by long time friends and dive buddies Marine Monkees has grown from a small city based dive club which organized dive trips throughout Asia to now an island based PADI 5-star dive center on Tioman Island (2011) which conducts dive courses and recreational dives with one of the most beautiful you will ever find in Malaysia!

Marine Monkees’s idea is simple – NOBODY DIVES ALONE… But with the Monkees, we take it beyond that. Honestly, it’s not just the diving, it’s the whole trip. Sightings of whale sharks, barracudas, turtles, mantas and watching cuttlefish mate are just bonuses. Did we say Whale Sharks? ehhmmmm… Yeappp, Whale Shark was sighted at our very own bay late 2016! Anyways, It’s the experiences of being able to share that with a bunch of friends that makes up the fun!  In scuba diving, every diver is taught to dive with a buddy, but with the Marine Monkees, we dive with friends! So, yes, NOBODY DIVES ALONE

DM Scuba Dive Team

#7 - DM Scuba Dive Team


We provide PADI dive courses ranging from beginner level up to professional level as well as specialty courses such as deep diver, night diver, enriched air (nitrox) diver, wreck diver and many more. We also offer snorkeling, dive trips and can even sort you up with accommodation with a wide range of resorts throughout Malaysia. Our aim is to bring you the very best in scuba diving and friendly advice. Our website also contains extensive information on all various scuba diving training.

Divers Cove

#8 - Divers Cove


Divers Cove Sdn Bhd began operations in 2003 with 3 other crew members. Now the in-house dive operator for Paya Beach Resort, we still personally oversee all diving activities, together with a team of 5 PADI professionals with supporting crew.

Flow Dive Center

#9 - Flow Dive Center


Flow Dive Center is a full-fledged Bespoke PADI 5 star dive center (S-27498) based in the bustling city of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. We are passionate about introducing the beautiful underwater world to everyone!

We pride ourselves in offering top-notch professional yet personalised service to all our customers. All our instructors strive to cater to different learning styles to ensure the best results in our students.

Malaysia is located at the heart of the Coral Triangle – is home to many amazing dive sites, some considered to be world class!

Protected as a biological reserve by the government, the water surrounding our islands (i.e. Tioman, Perhentian, Redang, Sipadan, Mabul) is extremely pristine and teeming with life.

Our courses are conducted on the islands of Malaysia as well as around ASEAN. We also organise trips all around the world!

Classes and trips are personalised to fit our student’s schedule! Yes, we’ve got all your diving needs covered! So, just have your fins kicked back, relax and just go with the Flow!

Scuba-Naut Dive Centre

#10 - Scuba-Naut Dive Centre


Scuba-Naut was established in 2000 and we are located at Salang village in Tioman Island.

Salang is a popular beach destination at north of Pulau Tioman, located along the west coast in a secluded bay. A youthful spot that attracts large crowds of global backpackers, the village is a great place for meeting people across the world over beer or two, with a good range of budget hotels along the beach and countryside. Salang is also a diver’s den, being the closest village to many reef sites and wrecks around Tioman, including Coral Island (Pulau Tulai), Chebeh, Batu Malang and Fan Canyon. A high concentration of pubs and restaurants cater to the village’s active nightlife scenery, the resorts also participating by holding bonfire parties by the beach.

Our PADI trained instructors and divemasters, new equipment, and dive boat mean Scuba-Naut is just the place if you want to spend your days frolicking under the pristine warm waters of the tropics while drifting through Fan Canyon, navigating through wrecks off Soyak Island, or attempting to count the endless species of colorful marine life you’ll encounter on Tiger Reef. The unlimited number of dive sights combined with natural beauty of the idyllic South China Sea guarantees your time underwater will start out amazing and just keep getting better!

Perhentian Island Divers

#11 - Perhentian Island Divers


We are a small team of fun loving, experienced PADI dive professionals fluent in English, Italian, French, Malay and Mandarin. Call in any time for a chat and a coffee. You can find us at Perhentian Island Resort on Pulau Perhentian Besar, or drop us a email anytime.

Set on a beautiful white sandy beach within the Perhentian Island Resort, we are the longest running dive shop on the islands. Recently rebuilt it is now also one of the most modern.

With our wealth of experience, new and regularly serviced equipment, professional staff fluent in English, Malay, Mandarin, French and Italian, high speed canopied speed boats, air conditioned classroom and an endless supply of tea and coffee you can sit back and enjoy the friendly fun-loving atmosphere while being assured that safety and logistics are all taken care of.

The Perhentian Island National Marine Park offers fantastic diving for both novice and expert divers alike. With more than 15 regularly used dive sites within 15 to 20 minutes drive in our speed boat, you will never be short of exciting dives during your visit.

An extensive range of PADI courses are available starting daily. Even children as young as 8 years old can join in the fun.

Chomel Dive Center

#12 - Chomel Dive Center


Chomel Dive Center(CDC) is located at Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia with private beach. Next to CDC is Perhentian Chomel Resort with sea view rooms. 

Go Aquatic

#13 - Go Aquatic


Go Aquatic is a fully licensed and insured Malaysian Tour Operator and PADI 5 Star Dive Centre.

Our location is at G30, Ground Floor, Wisma Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Go Aquatic was founded on October 2016 by a group of passionate scuba divers. We grew up to become popular PADI dive center in Kota Kinabalu since then. 

We offer a wide range of diving, snorkeling and island adventures and we aim to share our passion for scuba diving with you.

Divertainment Sdn Bhd

#14 - Divertainment Sdn Bhd


We have one simple philosophy, that is to teach and guide divers through close guidance and provide the opportunities to get out and dive! Our highly flexible schedule is customizable to your trips – whether weekend or weekdays, anytime you wish to learn scuba diving. Drop us a line if you wish to hire our professional scuba instructor for a Discovery Scuba Experience before your Open Water Diver Certification, or simply join our trips for more fun times underwater! It’s always the divers + entertainment that makes DIVERTAINMENT! 

De Dive Centre Sdn. Bhd

#15 - De Dive Centre Sdn. Bhd


De Dive Centre 是一家全球最受欢迎的潜水组织 PADI 认证的潜水中心🤿。 我们的教练都是经过PADI的专业认证,并在2019年7月开业至今培训了超过500位潜水员。

De Dive Centre 是Green Fins 會員的一份子🤝。Green Fins 是由联合国环境计划署United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)发起的一个海洋计划。宗旨为提升珊瑚礁保护的公众认识和管理办法,提倡海洋保育的重要性。至今为止,De Dive已经举办和参与超过5️⃣个净海及废弃渔网清除的活动 ♻️

创办人在Tioman拥有超过1️⃣0️⃣年的潜水经验。我们的 Dive Crew 都是一群热爱❤️海洋的年轻活力伙伴,秉持着对潜水的热忱,最希望的就是借由我们的专业,慢慢的影响身边的朋友,让更多人了解海洋,探索海洋,爱上海洋,并一起保护海洋。

🥰De Dive 的小贴心🥰

☀️免费终身教练资讯Lifetime Coaching☀️



☀️客制化的dive sites安排☀️
Ray's Dive Adventure

#16 - Ray's Dive Adventure

Ray's Dive Adventure is a retail dive shop located in Tioman, Malaysia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Sea Tango

#17 - Sea Tango


About Sea Tango:  “Life is about finding the sweet spots. Sometimes, a new angle is all it takes. ” 

Agents of fun & frolic in the aquatic, Sea Tango originates from a deeply rooted passion for the ocean and inspired by the trifecta of Sun, Sand and Sea. We are based in the big blues of North Borneo, the best place to breeze right into mind-boggling Diversity. Sea Tango offers a platform for incredible journeys out at Sea for every type of Traveler. We offer a full range of PADI diver training programs, from Beginner to Pro. But fun doesn’t end there─ Go deep sea Fishing, Diving, Snorkeling, Island Hopping, Host a Party on our Sun-Deck or Join us on an evening cruise towards the Sunset─  

Our spacious modern cruising Catamarans together with our Crew of diverse experts will take your thirst for adventure into wild oceanic whimsy, where beauty is realer than real. So go ahead and give yourself the gift of Exploration.  Enrich your life and widen your understanding of the Earth, because… Why Not? Allow us to guide you through all the splendors that sparkle beyond the shore, a world seen from a whole new angle; Deep down below, Above the waters and Along the coast. Life is full of sweet-spots, sometimes you’ve just got to brave the waves to find out. It’s a big world out there… Gear up, cool down… Let’s get real, Let’s get wet!

Moby Tek Dive

#18 - Moby Tek Dive


We are an authorized PADI 5 Star Dive Centre and technical diving facility in Kampung Air Batang (ABC), Tioman Island

Our instructional team has a combined experience of thousands of hours underwater teaching and guiding both in Tioman and overseas locations as well.

Apart from Tioman we've also organized countless excursions for leisure and instruction of recreational and technical diving courses to exotic locations around South East Asia and beyond.


We hope to see you soon here at picturesque ABC, Tioman!

Borneo Dream Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd

#19 - Borneo Dream Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd

Borneo Dream is a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo. Sabah is part of the Coral Triangle and home to a wide diversity of tropical marine life. We focus on high quality, safety and enjoyment - that’s why we have the best diving day boats in Kota Kinabalu - a 10m x 4m catamaran Borneo Dream 3, a speedy 9m x 3m RIB and Borneo Dream Betty. We offer the widest range of diving destinations along the west coast of Sabah, all departing from Kota Kinabalu. We run diving trips to WW2 Wrecks, Pulau Tiga, Mayne Rock and Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. We offer the largest range of courses - choose from PADI courses, BSAC Boat courses and TDI Rebreather Courses.
Dive C Sdn Bhd

#20 - Dive C Sdn Bhd


dive C "consult,Configure ,Complete"  is the operational motto we LIVE dive C delivers for the uninitiated diver to the most decerning dive enthusiast from equiptment to class rooms to our own dive pool .we have it all.the diver's one stop shop !!!


Gayana Dive Centre

#21 - Gayana Dive Centre


The crystalline waters of Borneo conceal magnificent coral reefs, home to an incredible variety of colourful aquatic plants and animals that have made it one of the most unique dive meccas in the world. Gayana's PADI Certified Dive Centre allows divers of all skill levels to experience these underwater marvels, such as sea turtles, clownfish, coral fish, whale sharks, and many more vibrant species of marine life. 


The heart of the resort is the Marine Ecology Research Centre where we focus our efforts in the conservation and propagation of the 7 Giant Clam species found in our waters. As Gayana Dive Centre is a part of the resort, all proceeds from the dive centre go toward the efforts at MERC. PADI Certified Gayana Dive Centre is Saving the Baby Giants one Dive at a time!


Get ready to be pampered in between dives as the 5 Star resort takes care of the little details for your dive adventure with us. The island's privacy also guarantees that guests will have an exclusive and uncluttered diving experience, as most of the area is closed to the general public.

Tioman Dive Buddy

#22 - Tioman Dive Buddy


Welcome to Tioman Dive Buddy, your friendly dive center on Tioman Island! 

We are a qualified PADI Five Star Dive Center offering PADI diving courses from beginner level to professional level and recreational diving packages at the right price. Our experienced dive team is dedicated to creating wonderful memories for you. We take a thoughtful approach, discovering your every need, no matter how small the request is. 

We are the FIRST PADI Mermaid Centre in Tioman Island!!

These are the services we provide, promising an exceptional holiday experience: PADI Diving Courses, Fun Diving Packages, Snorkeling Packages, Diving, and snorkeling gear rental, Arrangement for accommodation, and local meals.

Tioman Island, or Pulau Tioman, is a tear-shaped paradise that lies about 36 nautical miles off Malaysia’s east coast. This is a tranquil island that boasts miles and miles of white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, charming villages, and friendly people. Its crystal-clear water promises spectacular marine life and colourful coral gardens.

Our dive center is located in Genting Village, one of the largest villages on Tioman Island. You can easily walk from one end of the village to the other in thirty minutes. Resorts, cafes, shops, clinic, etc. are all within walking distance from our dive center. Convenience and serenity, you can enjoy both here.

Tioman Dive Buddy is set up by a group of passionate divers. Celebrating our first decade in business in 2020, our vision remains the same: to become your most trustworthy dive buddy. We are divers, we know very well what a diver needs for a fun and safe diving trip. Customer satisfaction is our main concern, as we always strive hard to fulfill customer's needs.

MP Scuba Sdn Bhd

#23 - MP Scuba Sdn Bhd

Established in 2019, MP Scuba sdn bhd is the sole distributor for the TECLINE brand dive equipment, as well as reseller of Atmos dive computer, Requin wetsuit, Procean drysuit, Divextras DPV & Divepro torchlight. We provide PADI all level of dive course training and diving trip. Our MP Scuba sdn bhd store in Ara Damansara, Selangor offers spacious and comfortable retail area with full selection of gears. Our experienced sales person gives the most professional advice to you in choosing your equipment to ensuring you have an enjoyable dive experience. MP Scuba sdn bhd is also provides equipment rental & equipment servicing to ensure excellent after sales service and care for your dive equipment. In parallel, our management team kept working on a completely new range of products that would redefine scuba diving equipment...
Universal Diver

#24 - Universal Diver


Universal diver is a stones throw away from the prestigious Tuna Bay Resort. We offer a wide range of diving services to cater for all your diving needs, so whether you are looking for daily swim fins or to take PADI courses, our team of friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you. Awarded as an internationally renowned PADI 5 Star Gold Palm resort since 2007, Universal Diver caters to everyone from budding dive enthusiasts to seasoned underwater adventurers. Whats more, each dive trip can be fully customized, ensuring that you will receive a one of a kind experience each and every time.

Not only do we offer diving at Perhentian Island, we also organize day trips to the beautiful islands of Lang Tengah and Redang. With such diversity, you can rest assured you are in for a truly remarkable diving experience.

We are fully equipped with 3 customized dive boats, 40 sets of high quality MARES diving equipment, and a fully air-conditioned class room with a view of the ocean that will take your breath away. Our comprehensive onsite facility is able to handle a total of 30 divers at any one time. Our team of experienced international and local dive masters are fully qualified, coupled with their extensive knowledge of the island ensures that you are in safe hands at all times.

In the three short years that we have been in operation we have certified more than 900 divers (and counting) and are at the forefront of making scuba diving one of the most popular attractions on Perhentian Island.

Here at Universal Diver, diving is more than just a job for us; it is a passion and a way of life.

Dive Loc Ventures

#25 - Dive Loc Ventures


Hi here is your Journey of started of Diving.

What do we do?

We are teaching Basic Open Water Course to Instructor Level

and Freediving too

We sell Dive Equipment and Dive trips too 

Feel free to visit ours.

Sea Voice Divers

#26 - Sea Voice Divers


We are located in the heart of a little paradise known as the Perhentian Islands. The Perhentian Islands lie approximately 10 nautical miles off the northeastern coast of West Malaysia in the state of Terengganu. In less than 20 minutes by boat, you can be at some of the best dive sites the Perhentian Islands has to offer. 

Our small dive centre founded by locals from the Perhentian Islands itself. We run PADI certification scuba diving courses from beginners to professional dive master level, marine education and conservation activities, accompanied scuba dives and scuba diving packages for groups as well as individual diver throughout the season. We also cater small groups and offer scuba divers a cozy family atmosphere you’ll never forget!

Viking Scuba

#27 - Viking Scuba


Viking Scuba is a family owned PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre conveniently located within Permata Resort, along Pantai Teluk Lipat in Dungun, Terengganu. Our fully equipped dive centre offers daily dive trips to Pulau Tenggol, a wide range of PADI scuba diving courses, nitrox/trimix gases and equipment rental.

FDIVER Diving Academy

#28 - FDIVER Diving Academy

Fdiver will provide your exotic scuba experience in Tioman so you can experience the natural resources of the beautiful island. Book Now!
Salang Bay Divers

#29 - Salang Bay Divers


An Authorized PADI Dive Resort S-28660 at Salang Bay, Tioman Island. We provide PADI Certification Courses, Equipment Rental/Servicing as well as Leisure Dives.

Big Ocean Dive

#30 - Big Ocean Dive

Welcome to Big Ocean Dive (although most of you know us as Scuba Mike’s)! While our name is new, our values remain the same. We are proud of our spotless safety record, full-service scuba and freediving trips, and our specialized training. Our scuba team – Mike, Theresa, Menzi, and Tim – are here for you and ready to enhance your underwater experience!
Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures

#31 - Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures

Our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre is on the idyllic Gaya Island, just 10 minutes by boat from Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, Malaysia. Our dive centre is right on the beach, surrounded by dense, tropical rainforest, from where we offer adventures both below the water’s surface and above. We cater to fun divers, pro divers and groups with tailored programs to suit your needs and all-inclusive packages means that once paid, there is nothing else to worry about. Our island operations are supported by our travel and dive shop on the mainland, where you can book accommodation, travel and buy any equipment you may need for diving, hiking Mt. Kinabalu or jungle trekking. If you’re visiting or diving Sabah, dive with Downbelow.
DeBlue Corner

#32 - DeBlue Corner


Learn to dive with us - come learn diving and explore the underwater world at Debluecorner! We're well known for maintaining the highest of safety standards even as we provide a relaxing and friendly learning environment. We offer PADI Dive Certification courses from beginner to professional levels.

Borneo Unlimited Marine Sports S/B

#33 - Borneo Unlimited Marine Sports S/B


Borneo Unlimited was set up by Chinese investment in the diving center, located in the tropical town of Semporna state. Mabul, Sipadan, Kapalai, Sibuan, Mantabuan, Timba-Timba , these all island were very close. Borneo Unlimited also offer Chinese teaching and also English teaching in all Padi courses. The quality of teaching is very strict. The dive center , got 4-5 senior Chinese coaches have taught all year round, ready to provide professional diving courses. At the same time, can also provide Sipadan diving services, arranged according to your diving holiday needs.

Bigfin Divers

#34 - Bigfin Divers


We are a small private dive resort in a stunning secluded location. Dive and stay with us in our tranquil hideaway and discover the beauty of borneo both above and below the water.

Blue Bubbles Scuba

#35 - Blue Bubbles Scuba


Blue Bubbles Scuba was set up in 2007 and known as Blue Bubbles Scuba Training Centre (BBSTC) since June 2015. We are located at Kg. Tekek of Tioman Island, Malaysia. Tekek is a beautiful, calm Malay village with peaceful rain forests. The beach were surrounded by healthy & rich coral reefs for a memorable deep sea journey for all divers from all region. A really chill place to get a wonderful experience.

BBSTC serves as an ideal and enjoyable getaway. We assure a relaxing experience for our adventurous guests.

Family friendly dive centre, facing the sea with chill area on top of dive centre.

At Blue Bubbles Scuba, we conduct all levels of recreational PADI scuba diving courses, from Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water and Advanced, all the way to Master Scuba Diver. Our friendly team of Instructors will help you succeed.

Already have your licence? No problem. Have fun exploring the amazingly rich and diverse recreational diving Tioman has to offer with our experienced Divemasters.

Whatever your level, come and meet our team, join the Blue Bubbles family and dive Malaysia!

Scuba Amigo

#36 - Scuba Amigo


Tioman Island, a popular scuba diving destination among locals and foreigners in Malaysia. 5 star PADI dive center situated on the east side of the island, Kg. Juara or more well known as Juara Beach. We are the pioneer dive operator on this side of the island and we dive the east side of Tioman Island only. There are more than 10 well known but less explored sites which ranged from shore, sandy slope, rocky slope, submerged reef etc. We are well known for our macro critter spotters and professional underwater photographers as well as instructor with more than 20 years of experience. 

Our team consist of well trained and experience Instructors, Divemasters and staffs. PADI courses offered here ranges from PADI open water diver, PADI advanced diver, PADI rescue diver, PADI divemaster and we also include Underwater Photography course. 

Aman Tioman Dive Centre

#37 - Aman Tioman Dive Centre


Located in Kampung Paya, Tioman Island, a friendly and vibrant village, Aman Tioman Dive Centre and Beach Resort is one of the newest resident here. Our dive centre is managed by experience PADI Instructors and Dive Master. Equipped with stated of the art Bauer Compressor PE700-VE, brand new scuba cylinders and scuba equipments we aim to ensure peace of mind diving when you dive with us. We presently have 2 brand new dive boats (twin engine -300hp and 350hp respectively) manned by experience Boat Captains to the many dive sites around Tioman Island. Safety is our priority and our staffs are trained to deliver best service to ensure comfortable and fabulous dive experience to our guests.

Turtle Bay Divers

#38 - Turtle Bay Divers


For those who are interested, things here are: in the wise words of Aristotle, ""Same, same but the still same"". The dive season here has begun and the diving is rocking. We still go diving everyday and start PADI diving courses nearly everyday. Our prices are much the same too. Many an unbiased diver has noted that Perhentian offers the best value diving in South East Asia. We even offer a guarantee. The diving is as good as ever. We still have lots of turtles, stingrays, bumphead parrotfishs as well as the usual colourful reef fish on our scuba diving trips . We organise regular diving trips to Redang Island. Those trips are always fun.

We now have 2 more wrecks to dive at Perhentian. Both are bigger ships (40m long or more). The first is the Sugar Wreck, an easy dive on a 3500 tonne ship. The second is The Secret Wreck, a more tricky dive on an old freighter down at 38m. Suitable for more experienced divers and for those qualified to dive with Enriched Air (NITROX). For those who want to learn we offer the PADI Enriched Air Diver course which qualifies divers to dive with gas blends up to 40% oxygen.

Laguna Dive Centre

#39 - Laguna Dive Centre


Our authorized PADI dive centre is equipped with the latest equipment and all our boats carry emergency equipment - oxygen units, first aid kits, life jackets etc. Situated close to Redang Island Marina and in Laguna Redang Island Resort our dive centre offers the very best of scuba diving services for all your needs. We also offer Enriched Air Nitrox, which allows you shorter decompression time, which means that you can now dive longer and get back to the water sooner.

Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced pro, we offer something for everyone. Our experienced PADI instructors offer a full range of PADI programs from the PADI Open Water Diver Course up to PADI Professional level courses such as PADI Divemaster.

For those who are interested in scuba diving but aren’t quite ready to take the certification course, you may try our Discover Scuba Diving. You’ll learn how to use scuba equipment in shallow water and get a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world.

One Ocean Dive Center

#40 - One Ocean Dive Center

One Ocean Dive Center is a retail dive shop located in Penang, Malaysia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Panorama Diver

#41 - Panorama Diver


Panorama Diver, located at Pulau Perhentian Kecil - Long Beach is a family run business that caters to backpackers, travellers and holidaymakers who are looking for Fun Dives or Scuba Diving Courses together with clean, basic, affordable and low-budget rooms or dorms.

Pulau Perhentian is located in the South China Sea 21 km from the coast of Kuala Besut, Terengganu. We have more than 20 dive spots that are suitable for all levels of experience.

New divers can have a nice relaxing reef dive while be amazed by the brilliantly colored tropical fish and coral. Experienced divers can enjoy the freedom of spectacular reef diving, adventurous wreck diving and deep dives in an extremely idyllic and laid back setting.

We are are the only dive center in the island that offers coral propagation courses.

Scuba Gen Dive Center

#42 - Scuba Gen Dive Center


Scuba Gen Dive Center (S-27408) is a Padi dive center owned by Scuba Gen Seasport Sdn Bhd (KPK/LN:9975), located at Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia. We provide a wide range of Padi scuba diving courses from beginner to professional.

Burger Dive Team Sdn Bhd

#43 - Burger Dive Team Sdn Bhd



Leisure Divers

#44 - Leisure Divers


We are located at Teluk Dalam, Perhentian Besar Island & attached to Arwana Perhentian Resort with the largest swimming pool in Perhentian Islands. We do arrange airport transfer, boat transfer, accommodation and island activities as a whole.

We offer all PADI courses from Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) to Assistant Instructor trained by our Experienced, Friendly, Patient and Professional dive team. Our team members are able to conduct PADI courses and fun diving in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonese, etc. So choose any language you prefer.

Our strategic location gives advantage for us to organize diving trip to the most beautiful and fascinating dive sites in Perhentian Island. We have daily excursions to various dive sites: Discover dive, Coral reef dive, Wreck dive, Rock dive, Fish watching dive, Night dive and so much more. Moreover, our boat schedule allows single diver and small group for longer dive time.

Don’t worry if you are not a diver as we organize snorkelling trip as well. There are many snorkelling sites: Shark point, Fish garden, Turtle point, Nemo garden, etc. that allows you to enjoy the underwater marine life from afar.

With an open heart, we welcome freelance instructors for courses conduct, with arranged accommodation, discounted equipment rental, underwater digital camera rental and boat services.

We believe Smile, Friendliness, Patience and Safety-conscious bring people close to us.

The Divers Den Sdn Bhd

#45 - The Divers Den Sdn Bhd


The Diver’s Den was establish on 23rd January 1997.

A PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Center located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 

Certified with the Malaysian Tourism License ( MOTAC) since 1998 

Our Services 

  • Scuba Diving courses for all levels
  • Retail of Scuba Equipment and outdoor gear 
  • Servicing of Scuba Equipment 
  • Snorkeling and Diving Trips to both Local and Overseas Destination 

We specialize in 

  • Sales of Underwater Photography equipment 


Sea & Sea 

  • PADI Specialty Courses for 

Underwater Photography 

Underwater Videography 

Peak Performance Buoyancy 

Equipment maintenance

  • Conducting and training for Reef Awareness Programs 
Mussah Poteh Holiday SDN BHD

#46 - Mussah Poteh Holiday SDN BHD

Mussah Poteh Holiday SDN BHD is a retail dive shop located in Semporna, Malaysia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Borneo Divers & Sea Sports - Sabah

#47 - Borneo Divers & Sea Sports - Sabah


Borneo Divers Training Institute S/B have been operating in Mamutik Island since the 1992 and have developed Mamutik Island as a supreme destination for snorkelers, divers and non divers alike.  Because of its pristine water and gentle slope, it has become the most ideal location for PADI Courses/SCUBA diving certification

Scuba Junkie Kota Kinabalu

#48 - Scuba Junkie Kota Kinabalu


SCUBA JUNKIE is a Multi Award Winning 5 Star PADI IDC Licensed Dive Operator.

Scuba Junkie provides daily dive and snorkel trips to over 15 islands in the Kota Kinabalu (KK) area including the world famous KK Marine Park (Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park) which features 5 amazing islands including Gaya Island and Sapi Island. We also do all PADI Dive Courses from Discover Scuba Diver up to Instructor!

Borneo Dive Network

#49 - Borneo Dive Network


Miri's fresh new PADI 5* Dive School offers all PADI courses from PADI Discover Scuba Diving, PADI Open Water, PADI Advanced, PADI Rescue, PADI Divemaster and a few PADI Specialties (including EFR) in English, Bahasa Melayu, and Chinese Mandarin.

We are located at Miri Waterfront with the dive centre facing Miri River with our Tour Agency opposite on the first floor called Majestic Leisure Travel & Tour.

We focus on customer satisfaction, safety and having lots of fun.

Diving in Miri boosts lots of different dive sites, clear water and lots of marine life.

Borneo Divers & Sea Sports - Sabah

#50 - Borneo Divers & Sea Sports - Sabah


Borneo Divers Mabul is a 5* PADI IDC center, offering direct access to the nutrient-rich waters of the world's "muck diving Mecca".

Named by as one of the Top 50 Best Dive Sites in the World, Mabul offers extended bottom times as site are mostly shallow, and mild currents which allow for easy drift dives. The sandy bottom also allows for a less “mucky” experience that is easier to dive compared with other macro sites. Sipadan Island is a fully protected conservation zone and Borneo Divers fully supports the conservation effort. 

Established in 1983, Borneo Divers is proud to still be the leading professional dive operation in Sabah, Malaysia. With operations on both the east and west coasts. Borneo Divers really does have the best of both worlds. The team of PADI professionals range from Divemasters to Course Directors (the highest accolade available within PADI). 



B&J Diving Centre Sdn. Bhd

#51 - B&J Diving Centre Sdn. Bhd


B&J was established in 1986 as Ben’s Diving Centre and is today one of the largest dive centres in Malaysia. It's run by a Malay/German/Swiss management who places high values on quality and customer satisfaction. As a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre we offer all courses from beginner to instructor level including technical and rebreather diving.

We’ve built Tioman Dive Resort between 2010 and 2014 to offer our divers some of the nicest rooms available on Tioman Island. Our small resort has just 11 rooms and won the Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor. 

We place high value on protecting our environment and are a GoEco operator, GreenFins Member and Project AWARE award winner. Taking care of our ocean environment is important to us so we have a strict no glove and no touch policy in place.

Our facility is fully equipped with some of the best dive equipment available in the market (Scubapro and Aqualung), which is serviced on a regular basis. The Bauer compressors provide the purest air available (we’re the only dive centre in Malaysia that’s Bauer Pure Air Certified). 

As a full tec diving facility we provide Nitrox, Oxygen and Helium fills. Our dive shop has a well balanced retail section including snorkel/dive equipment, dive computers and t-shirts. The swimming pool makes the first step into scuba diving a bit easier for beginners. We’re also operating the B&J Beach Bar for you to relax after a happy day of diving.

Matahari Divers

#52 - Matahari Divers

Matahari Divers is a resort dive shop located in Perhentian, Malaysia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Bubbles Dive Resort Sdn. Bhd

#53 - Bubbles Dive Resort Sdn. Bhd


We organize daily dive trips around Pulau Perhentian in small group (4 divers to a qualified DM/Instructor). Our dive professionals specialized in guiding photographers, with keen eyes for macro object, make an ordinary dive trip special. Bubbles Dive Centre place educating its divers as the top priority, and started its first conservation project PIBAR, an Intensive Care Unit for stress coral reef to provide divers a special chance to learn more about marine eco system. Bubbles also is one of the participating Reef Check dive centre. At Bubbles' house reef, one can find a vast variety of marine organism, and thus Bubbles is also an ideal place for tropical reef studies.

Sealantis Dive Centre

#54 - Sealantis Dive Centre


Since the establishment of Sealantis in 1996, Sealantis have been providing top-notch services for the needs of many divers. It is well located in one of the most strategic places around Damansara - 1 Utama shopping complex, Bandar Utama. Apart from Damansara, Sealantis also operates its diving centre in Pulau Tioman, Malaysia.

Sealantis has convenient and easy access facilities, and offers its students the use of high end diving gear and apparatus during diving courses. We are fully licensed by the Malaysian government and certified by the Tourism Authority of Malaysia. Sealantis has been catering to the needs of divers since being established in 1996. From it humble beginnings, Sealantis which is located at the 1Utama Shopping Center in Petaling Jaya and in Kampung Paya on Tioman Island, has one of Malaysia's first purpose-built diving pools.

One of the longest established dive centres on Tioman Island, Sealantis is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre. All our instructors are PADI professionals with years of teaching and diving experience behind them. Our staff are well-versed, friendly and accommodative. We also cater and accommodate free-lance instructors and other dive centres that do not have the facilities.

Sealantis is the distributor for Scubapro in Malaysia.

Planet Scuba Sdn Bhd

#55 - Planet Scuba Sdn Bhd


At Planet Scuba our motto is let's go diving! And in that spirit we offer a full and varied diving trip calendar something for every taste and budget! 

Being located here in Kuala Lumpur grants us convenient access to Malaysia's rich assortment of dive sites both on the peninsular and in Borneo. During the peak season we aim to have group trips going out on a couple of weekends each month, making use of public holidays where possible! If you prefer to have the quiet and serene weekdays trip, we can accommodate that too! 

We also have an extensive network across South-East Asia through partnership with other dive operations. Longer and more exotic trips make a frequent appearance on our dive calendar and holiday packages can be tailored according to your specific needs. So whether Sipadan, Bali, Manado, Raja Ampat, the Similans or Anilao be your dream dive destination.

Contact us for full assistance with your arrangements!

Anti Gravity Divers

#56 - Anti Gravity Divers

Anti Gravity Divers Perhentian, Malaysia is a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Dive Resort and scuba diving center in Malaysia located on Perhentian Kecil, off the east coast of peninsula Malaysia. We have also been operating on Koh Lanta, Thailand as a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Resort since 2009.
Azmi Dive Centre Sdn Bhd

#57 - Azmi Dive Centre Sdn Bhd

Azmi Dive Centre Sdn Bhd is a resort dive shop located in Tioman, Malaysia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Seaventures Dive Rig SDN. BHD

#58 - Seaventures Dive Rig SDN. BHD


Seaventures Dive Rig is a 5* PADI IDC dive center offering trips to Mabul, Kapalai and Sipadan.

Learning to dive will change the way you see the world. Get yourself certified or continue your underwater education with Seaventures. 

The center offers a range of recreational and TEC courses, in 4 stunning dive sites including a house reef which is famous for its sunken wrecks, cage swims and artificial bungalows. 




#59 - I-Divers

I-Divers Sdn Bhd is a Professional Scuba Diving Institution under Ustaz Muhamad bin Abdullah himself who has registered with the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Dive (IANTD) and provides the latest technical licensing services . I-Divers Tours Sdn Bhd has four scuba diving instructors who have been approved and qualified to teach from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD) .
Semporna Blue Reef Dive & Tours Sdn Bhd

#60 - Semporna Blue Reef Dive & Tours Sdn Bhd

Semporna Blue Reef Dive & Tours Sdn Bhd is a retail dive shop located in Semporna, Malaysia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Divermoon Travel SDN. BHD

#61 - Divermoon Travel SDN. BHD

Divermoon Travel SDN. BHD is a retail dive shop located in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Rainbow Runner

#62 - Rainbow Runner


Established circa 1990, Rainbow Runner began as a two-man show dealing in scuba diving and snorkelling equipment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, way back when the scuba diving industry was just getting started. With the aim to share the passion for the sport and develop the industry further, we set out to become your one-stop destination for all things diving!


Fast forward to today, Rainbow Runner has become one of the largest wholesalers and holistic diving stores that works with various leading global brands and partners serving Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei. We're involved in scuba diving, and, to varying degrees, related areas such as snorkeling, swimming, underwater photography, equipment and compressor servicing, military/technical/commercial diving & more!

We are the only authorised PADI reseller of education materials in Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. 

Borneo Divers & Sea Sports Sdn Bhd

#63 - Borneo Divers & Sea Sports Sdn Bhd


Borneo Divers Mabul Resort offering direct access to the nutrient-rich waters of the world's "muck diving Mecca".

Named by as one of the Top 50 Best Dive Sites in the World, Mabul offers extended bottom times as site are mostly shallow, and mild currents which allow for easy drift dives. The sandy bottom also allows for a less “mucky” experience that is easier to dive compared with other macro sites. Sipadan Island is a fully protected conservation zone and Borneo Divers fully supports the conservation effort. 

Established in 1983, Borneo Divers is proud to still be the leading professional dive operation in Sabah, Malaysia. With operations on both the east and west coasts. Borneo Divers really does have the best of both worlds. The team of PADI professionals range from Divemasters to Course Directors (the highest accolade available within PADI). 


Dive Redang Island

#64 - Dive Redang Island


Redang Pelangi Resort has a fully equipped PADI Dive Resort which conducts the full range of PADI Courses starting with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue, and the PADI Divemaster course with lots of PADI Specialties in between. Our fully dedicated PADI Professional team teaches to the highest standards and always ensures safety as our top priority. We have air-conditioned classrooms equipped with AV equipment, a spacious equipment storage room, and a deck for divers to relax after dives.

Redang Island is synonymous with its white powdery beaches, crystal clear waters and a sea filled with tropical fish that inhabits beautiful coral reefs. Once you step on Redang Island you would realize why this undiscovered paradise is visited by thousands of guests each year.

For most of our guests, snorkelling is their main activity while on the island, but for divers, it is a totally different world. Redang Island has over 20+ interesting and amazing dive sites, with two ship wrecks and a plane wreck at the nearby Lang Tengah Island. 

Quiver Dive Team - Perhentian Island

#65 - Quiver Dive Team - Perhentian Island


Founded in 2005 by Kin and Aikn Voon, Quiver Dive Team has grown from a small beach front dive shop into one of Malaysia’s top dive schools, winning year after year several notable awards which help reaffirm its dedication to professional, safe and fun scuba diving.

We have two dive centres on Perhentian Kecil, one at Coral Bay and the other on Long Beach, where we certify over 1000 divers every year in our extensive range of PADI courses. In 2009, Quiver became a 5 Star IDC Center, the only one to this date on Perhentian Kecil.

Dungun Escapade Resort

#66 - Dungun Escapade Resort

Dungun Escapade Resort is a resort dive shop located in Dungun, Malaysia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Sorte Met Stella Scuba

#67 - Sorte Met Stella Scuba


As a PADI dive centre (S26090). We offer scuba diving courses under the most sought-after dive agency in the world - PADI (The Way the World Learns to Dive) and fun diving activities around Tioman Island. We are based in Genting Village, Tioman Island, Malaysia.

The PADI courses we offer is as below:

• Scuba review @ refresh course

• Discover Scuba Diving (tryouts)

• Open Water diver

• Advanced Open Water diver

• Emergency First Responder (EFR)

• Rescue Diver

• Divemaster


• Peak Performance Bouyancy

• Project Aware

• Enriched Air diver

• Digital Underwater Photography (Level 1 / Level 2)

• Wreck diver

• Sidemount diver

• Search and Recovery diver

• Night diver

• Drift diver

• Self-reliant diver

• Underwater videography

• Deep diver

You may reach us at +60122141979 or for more information.

Island Message Dive Centre

#68 - Island Message Dive Centre


Based in Kampung Genting, Pulau Tioman in Malaysia. A Padi lisenced dive centre, founded by a very humble and friendly local PADI certified Scuba Diving instructor - Mr. Jimmy Ismail and his Japanese wife Hitomi since early of 2000s. Mr. Jimmy has more than 30 years of diving experience and currently a IDC Staff Instructor.

Our Strengths

  • All our instructors are professional and certified. We will make sure you become a competent diver upon certification.
  • We teach everything that should be covered under the courses standards. To make sure you understand everything especially on the Safety side.
  • We are island based dive centre, we offer ready-made packages that cover almost everything including accommodation, fun dives and course that suit your needs.
VGO Dive Centre

#69 - VGO Dive Centre


Managed by V Diversify Group Sdn. Bhd (Website:, VGO Dive Centre (PADI S-27713) is a PADI registered dive centre that provides full range of dive related services from PADI courses, organizing fun diving trips and dive equipment’s sales and services. Currently, VGO Dive Centre having 2 outlets providing full range of scuba diving related services both in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur and Marang, Terengganu, Malaysia.

Alu Alu Divers

#70 - Alu Alu Divers

Alu Alu Divers is a resort dive shop located in Perhentian, Malaysia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Scuba Tiger Semporna Holiday Resort

#71 - Scuba Tiger Semporna Holiday Resort

Scuba Tiger Semporna Holiday Resort is a resort dive shop located in Semporna, Malaysia. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Redang Bay Resort

#72 - Redang Bay Resort

Since opening in 1991, Redang Bay Resort has established itself as the most family friendly resort on the beautiful Redang Island, Malaysia. Situated along Pasir Panjang (Long beach), Redang Bay Resort is steps away from the island’s crystal clear waters, abundant marine life and coral reefs. It is part of the marine park that offers endless snorkeling and diving opportunities. It also offers full board packages that will satisfy even the strictest budget traveller, whether you are here on honeymoon, or just relaxing with friends. Lastly, our professional and knowledgable staff will ensure everyone will have a excellent stay in the resort.
Quiver Lumut - Marina Island, Lumut

#73 - Quiver Lumut - Marina Island, Lumut



Situated in Lumut, Quiver Dive Team is a multi-award winning PADI 5 Star Career Development Centre (CDC) which guarantees you great fun, great service and top-quality professional tuition throughout our extensive range of PADI courses. We’re proud of our accommodation and would love to see you dive with us. Quiver Dive Team now branches out to Perhentian island as well. Our Quiver Dive Team, Lumut situated at Marina Island, Lumut, Perak which is reachable within two and half hours by car from Kuala Lumpur. It is the most accessible diving destination in Peninsular Malaysia. Our Quiver’s Guesthouse is available and situated above our Dive Shop. What’s more diving is available all year round, as these islands are not affected by the monsoon. Diving in Pulau Sembilan, Pulau Jarak and Pulau Pangkor will give you a different kind of experience and adventure.
Seahorse Diver SDN BHD

#74 - Seahorse Diver SDN BHD


Accommodation and scuba diving in Perhentian Island. Seahorse Diver is a dive center in Perhentian Island, and this is our website. Located on the beautiful Long Beach, we invite you to experience a safe, fun, professional and exciting underwater adventure.

Seahorse Diver provides accommodationPADI scuba diving courses and fun dive trips in the best dive sites around Perhentian Islands.

Solaris Tawau Travel & Tours SDN BHD

#75 - Solaris Tawau Travel & Tours SDN BHD


Solaris Tawau Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd is a Tour operator specialising in inbound tours at Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia. We are also an authorised and renewed PADI Dive Centre. We offer a wide range of tour packages options to different Islands for Day Trips Island Hopping, snorkeling, and diving to explore the uniqueness of the underwater marine life. The packages are arranged to give you an insight into the scenic beauties of the islands, white sandy beaches, and the underwater realm.

As a PADI Dive Centre we offer a full range of PADI Diving Courses from PADI Discover Scuba Diving to PADI Divemaster courses

Our team will serve in a mannerly, friendly, informative, and personalised in any tour that you book. We are prompt in our replies to your queries and be one of the best and more efficient tour operators in Sabah, Malaysia. Thus, we are trying our best to fulfill the tourist needs and would be our pleasure to assist you in planning your vacation to our beautiful island. 

For further information, please feel free to keep in touch with us and we are happy to provide you with the information you required. 


Experience the wonderful trips with us and enjoy our hospitality as well.

Thank You and Happy Holiday 

Noble Inworld Scuba Resort & Tours Sdn Bhd.

#76 - Noble Inworld Scuba Resort & Tours Sdn Bhd.


Formely known as, Sipadan Borneo is a PADI Dive Resort located on the paradise Mabul island – a short boat ride to Sipadan and Kapalai. It also acts as a gateway operator to ‘luxury-class’ travel destinations to Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan and Maliau Basin (The Lost World of Sabah) since 2008. Our experienced instructors and divemasters will show you these Borneo underwater and exotic paradise.

Sipadan Borneo operates from ‘The Main Office’ located at the Dragon Inn Floating Resort, in the town of Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia and ‘The Resort Office’ on the Mabul Island itself. Please come and visit us for a perfect diving/snorkeling holiday or maybe just for a honeymoon/sight-seeing/leisure trip. Get ready to dive at Mabul, Kapalai and Sipadan.

You can take a full range of PADI programs with us at Mabul Island and as a diver, you are weightless and can move in all directions. You approach the freedom of a bird as you move in three dimensions in a fluid environment. Diving weightless in clear water in a forest of underwater plants with sunlight streaming down is only one of many unforgettable experiences awaiting you.

Zero Gravity Scuba

#77 - Zero Gravity Scuba