Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Aguadilla

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Aguadilla dive site map
Crash Boat Beach

#1 - Crash Boat Beach

Puerto Rico, Caribbean

Crash Boat Beach is a municipal park lined with palm trees, picnic tables, white sand, a pier and a boardwalk with vendors. It is a popular site for Open water check out dives. Most of the dives is done under the abandon old Navy pier and around some of the fallen part of the pier. Around this area maximum depth is 45 feet. From San Juan take State Hwy 22 (Toll) west. Hwy 22 merge with Hwy 2 in the town of Hatillo. Continue west on Hwy 2 until the town of Aguadilla. Take route 107 north until you see the Crash Boat hwy sign. Turn west at the big church and follow the winding road to the end to a parking lot in front of the beach.
Crash Boat Piers

#2 - Crash Boat Piers

Puerto Rico, West coast and Mona island

From the beach you can follow the main pier out on eihter side. Facing out on the left are two square free standing piers. The pillars on all of the piers are covered in sealife and many fish hang around underneath. On the right of the main pier there is one self standing pier same as on the left, but if you go to the right of the self standing pier there is one that has collapsed and is completly submerged. Every day you can find sergeants, tangs, angelfishes, filefishes, trunkfishes, goatfishes, butterflyfishes, damselfishes, flounders, snappers, wrasses, moray eels, rockfishes, sand divers; occasionally you can find sea turtles, porkfishes, flying gurnards, squids, octopus, trumpetfish; and if you are lucky enough you can even find seahorses. IF you go straight out past the piers the water will drop to 80 feet but there is nothing to see. Access to the beach is located on Rt 107 in Aguadilla. There is a small road sign pointing towards Crash Boat Beach. You can park at either parking lot for access to the dive site. Parking during the summer weekends are hectic. If you want a parking spot you may arrive early in the morning (around 8:00 am). Crash Boat Piers is also known as crash Boat Beach.
El natural

#3 - El natural

Puerto Rico, West coast and Mona island

Aguadilla El natural is also known as Gas chamber.