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Aurora dive site map
Aurora Reservoir

#1 - Aurora Reservoir

Colorado, USA West

Aurora Reservoir is a 3.625-star rated scuba dive and snorkel destination in Colorado, USA West which is accessible from shore based on 8 ratings.
Aurora Resevior

#2 - Aurora Resevior

USA, Colorado

Aurora Resevior is over what was formerly a U.S. Air Force gunnery range, so there is the *very* occassional ordinance to be found. This is not even remotely likely, but keep an eye on your compass while down there. The vis is ok if you're the first ones in after some time. The bottom is mud, loaded with crayfish, and a lot of large, planted fish. Watching the Walleye go after the crayfish is fun (I've had them taken right out from in front of the camera). There is a dual-engine plane sunken about 130 yards/35 feet out that you can swim-through. There is no night-diving here. Park pass and SCUBA permit required. Go to the main office to get these. Ask for the "SCUBA KEY" so you can go through the gate to drop and pick-up your equipment, otherwise you have to haul it about 1/3 mile over the top of a dam. The office will instruct you as to how to best access the scuba egress.