Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Citrus County

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Citrus County dive site map
Crystal River

#1 - Crystal River

Florida, USA East

Crystal River is a fresh water river complex fed by warm freshwater springs. It offers a variety of fish (mullets, catfish, tarpon, etc.) and many Manatees. I found the manatees were friendly and unintimidated by SCUBA. Sadly, all of the manatees I saw had suffered multiple prop injuries. If you do boat in manatee territory, please look out for them. This is an easy site to dive and offers a good environment for beginners. Maximum depth is around 40 feet. The water is in the mid 70s to low 80s year round and I was comfortable diving in a 3-mil skin. I know it can be shore-dived, but, I don't know a lot of the details of shore diving this site. I dove it from a small inflatable. I know it's in the North Western section of the Florida Peninsula, and, I believe it's a state park. Sorry I don't have more information. I only dove there once.
Three Sisters Spring

#2 - Three Sisters Spring

Crystal River, FL

Three Sisters Springs is a complex of three spring areas, with many vents and sand boils that help feed Kings Bay, the headwaters of the Crystal River. These springs also constitute one of the most important natural warm-water refuges for the endangered Florida manatee. The site entrance is blocked from boats. Fresh Water fish and turtles. Occasional manatees though diving in the area is limited when there are a high number of manatees present.
Crystal River - Three Sisters Springs

#3 - Crystal River - Three Sisters Springs

USA, Florida, Central Florida Springs - Ocala

Crystal River. East side of King's Bay.
Crystal River - King's Spring

#4 - Crystal River - King's Spring

USA, Florida, Central Florida Springs - Ocala

Many people come here to dive and snorkel because of the large manatee population that migrate up into the warm natural spring fed waters that remain a constant 72 degrees all year round. During the winter months, Crystal River boasts the largest manatee population and is the only place in the world that you can swim with the manatees during our manatee tours. South of King's Bay, Crystal River.
Crystal River - Hunter Spring

#5 - Crystal River - Hunter Spring

USA, Florida, Central Florida Springs - Ocala

A great a free way to snorkle with the Manatees. no need to waste $70 with some of the outfits. we saw 10+ manatees the day we were there just wade into the water right next to your car. recommend a wet suit though as it is winter when the manatees are there. the water temperature is 72'. East of Crystal River in Crystal River City Park. End of NE 1st Avenue.