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Waikiki Diving Center
Waikiki Diving Center
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Electric Beach

#1 - Electric Beach

USA, Hawaii, Oahu

This is a great dive site, much more to see under than above ;-) Summer months bring snorkeling tours out to site. Be careful of boats and bring a dive flag! Watch for turtles catch the updraft from the pipe. They look like they are really flying. DO NOT GO IN THE EXIT SURGE FROM THE PIPE YOURSELF! Its like a washing machine. There are a couple rather small swim thrus to the east of the pipe, but watch for fish line that has snagged on the coral and been left to pollute the water. Excellent Night Dive or Daytime. Lite wet suit or rash guards need along with booties for shore entry and exit. WARNING: Watch out for the water coming out of the electric pipes. It can be strong! WARNING: Watch out for all the homeless. Leave all valueables at home. Dong Jacob or Aunty Momi w/ a valuemeal to watch your car. Take booties w/ all the thornbushes over the entry point. SW corner of the Farrington Highway on the W Shore. The entrance of the dive site is across the road from the large electric plant (between the shelter and the cooling water outlet of the electric plant). Electric Beach is also known as Kahe Point Beach Park.
Ko' Olina Resort

#2 - Ko' Olina Resort

Oahu, Hawaiian Islands

Ko'Olina is a series of four protected coves that are really only suited for snorkeling. The currents are too strong just outside the breakers. The sites include well-groomed parks with all the facilities -- a great place to take the family! On the South West corner of the Farrington Highway on the West Shore. Turn off on the exit for Ko'Olina Resort.

#3 - Nai'a

USA, Hawaii, Big Island

Nai'a is a 0-star rated scuba dive and snorkel destination in USA, Hawaii, Big Island which is accessible from shore based on 0 ratings.