Reef Seen Divers' Resort

Reef Seen Divers' Resort

Pemuteran, Indonesia
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62 812 38 94051
Desa Pemuteran, Gerokgak North West Bali, Pemuteran 81155, Indonesia

About Reef Seen Divers' Resort

Does diving and snorkeling appeal to you? Or perhaps taking a holiday in a peaceful, hassle free environment, with colourful, coral reefs and fishlife commencing just 20 metres from the beach? If yes is your answer then you are ready for North-West Bali & Reef Seen Divers' Resort. World-class diving and incredible snorkeling apart, we offer calm beaches, loads of sunshine, fascinating culture, pony rides for the children, all to be found here in the Village of Pemuteran, North-West Bali, and not a hawker in sight. Our choice of Pemuteran was dictated not just by its virgin locales but also by its friendly people. The villagers of Pemuteran are wonderful people both friendly and caring. As the founder of Reef Seen and dive tourism in the area, I have been working with the local community in an effort to enhance their lives through Eco-Friendly practices and education.

All these dive sites are either shore dives or a 10-20 minute boat ride from our beach, so you can get plenty of dives and still have time to enjoy other activities or just relax on the beach during surface intervals. Being the first dive shop in Pemuteran, we scouted out most of the established local dive sites. We even have a few favorites that are still secret - sorry, can't say more about those on the web, but maybe we'll take you there!

The area has pretty well recovered from the effects of 1997-98's El Nino conditions. Progress has been good and the outlook for the future is even better. In fact, because coral "babies" are so colorful, the reef is looking quite spectacular and improving all the time. You may have heard of dynamite fishing and cyanide fishing in some parts of the world: as part of our effort to conserve the marine habitat, our local friends and we have helped to largely eliminate this kind of destruction where we are. All of our dive sites are protected by local marine patrols and a better understanding of the environment by the local fishermen.

We also, of course, run day, 2 tank dive and snorkel trip the the wonderful reef walls and coral gardens of Menjangan Island, jus a scenic 45 minute ride in our 12 metre, custom built ive boat, the Reef Diver.

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