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Jul 15, 2015, 12:00 AM
Kings Beach is an all around great dive site. It is Spartan with no facilities. It was where I made my 1st ocean dives in 1968 and I still enjoy diving there to this day! The entry is easy, a rocky, gravel shore. The current runs parallel to the shore west on the outgoing tide and east on the incoming tide. Average depth is 20FSW with areas that drop to 40fsw max. Visibility can be very good for a RI shore dive; sometimes more than 20' visibility can be found here! Zero visibility can be found here also. Fish life is abundant with tuna sometimes making a run by looking for food! Spearfishing contests are held here so the fish must be good! In addition to divers there are many kayakers here, divers should remember that yaks are silent so looking up when ascending is essential.