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Anastasia Laity
Anastasia Laity
Apr 14, 2004, 12:00 AM
This was our first trip to the Big Island, and we wanted an easy shore dive to do by ourselves after several days of boat diving with a shop. What a great spot! There's a big shallow area with coral heads and sand where you can poke around, though it's a bit murkier there (particularly if it's been raining). If you want to go deeper, there's a nice wall covered with plate coral that you can follow down pretty much as deep as you want to go. We were told that you'll usually find bicolor anthias hanging around at 90 feet in the plate coral. We did a night dive here, and it was fantastic! One word of advice: leave a light at the entry point, so you can find it again when you're done! Pics at (last 2 albums on the page)