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Monastery Beach North on 2/13/2005
Andy Gottscho
Andy Gottscho
Feb 13, 2005, 12:00 AM
This is a beautiful site, very popular for spearfishing and diving. Lots of harbor seals, lingcod, cabezon, blue rockfish, kelp rockfish, perch, colorful anemones, and sunflower stars. Fish are used to being hunted and the bigger blue rockfish are usually wary! Much bigger fish can be found next door at Point Lobos. Big leopard sharks have been sighted here! As you know, the beach entry /exit can be dangerous. There is actually a more protected, little-known entry just northeast of the main beach. It is a small sandy beach nestled among the rocky shore; you can easily see it from the water. You need to hike down the private driveway just north of the beach and take the dirt trail a few hundred yards. This entry is not suitable for scuba divers because you need to scale down a short but steep rocky slope to access the small beach; difficult to do with heavy weights and tanks. For freedivers and spearfishermen, however, this entry/exit is much easier and safer than attempting to enter from the main beach. Viz here can be good; on a calm day this site is phenomenal! This is my favorite spearfishing/freediving spot. If you want to practice deep freediving you can go as deep as you want! Have a good buddy with you!