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Ascott's Dive Log


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Shark's Cove on 6/10/2015
Jun 10, 2015, 12:00 AM
Dove this site today with a very experienced buddy. We concluded that this is among both of our best dives ever. 67 minutes of bottom time on a single 80 with 400psi remaining. There are three major and several smaller caves in the second finger to the right when looking from the parking area. We snorkeled out to the right angle between the reef wall and the second finger then headed into the right angle and hugged the wall to find the caves. The first one we came to is the so-called 'blue room' the second one is approximately 25m further along the wall and didn't appear to have an exit. the final cave is at the tip of the finger and is quite large. Tip: if you go past the cave on a north heading, you will come to a pretty healthy reef at about 20 ft depth.