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Black Rock on 8/12/2007
Bo from Charleston
Bo from Charleston
Aug 12, 2007, 12:00 AM
7/23-8/1/07: Stayed at the Sheraton (because of this dive site's location) for my 25th wedding anniversary. This was the best shore dive site we found. All others were packed with inexperienced snorkelers by 10:30am and had silt on closest areas of reefs, thus forcing you to swim farther than at Black Rock. Black rock had 3 very friendly turtles, tons of tropicals, and night time eels, etc. Dove 7 dives here in 10 days, including video and night dives. I can u-tube the vide if needed. Best way to dive BR: Pack on the east side of the Sheraton at the edge of the golf course. Unload and suit up there. (If not staying at the Sheraton, you wont be able to get into the lot there. You might get a parking ticket if you left the car on the road there, but I never say any one try it or fail. I never saw a cop near there, etc.) Walk with tank on and fins in hand to east side of Black rock and walk into the water off the beach (2min walk max.) The dive begins there, and proceed down current slowly. The best dive is the middle 1/3 of the drift. The turtles usually sleep under the ledges or free swim there. The last 150ft of black rock will be on the Sheraton side, and will be packed with snorkelers by 10:30am. The viz in that area will drop to 20ft from the 50ft viz enjoyed farther east. Finish the dive on the Sheraton side of the beach, walk up to the showers (straight ahead) and shower off. Rest by the pool until they check you for a room #. Get back to the car by walking thru the beach level of the Sheraton towards the tennis courts. Your car will be on the other side of the tennis courts. Local dive shop in Lahaina rented 10 tanks for 35$. Best boat dive: (best dive guide: Scotty, very funny and talented diver).