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Black Rock on 6/19/2006
Chris 6
Chris 6
Jun 19, 2006, 12:00 AM
I know a lot of people like this site, but I think it's best as a night dive. My wife and I dove it twice during the day and were pretty board by the end of the dive. Not to mention all the snorkelers swimming overhead, as there were more snorkelers than fish. We decided to try it at night and we then had a completely different opinion. We saw all kinds of sea life at night and even got a night video of an eel eating. Squid, lobster, and crabs everywhere. If you want to night dive this location you will have to either pay the on-site shop $80 per person or bring your own tanks. They don't rent tanks for night dives on-site. Bottom Line: Leave this site for the snorkelers during the day and use it as a night dive location. I give it an A for night diving and a C for day diving.