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Makena Landing on 6/28/2010
Chris Groll
Chris Groll
Jun 28, 2010, 12:00 AM
Dove here on 6/22/2010. My first dive on Maui was at this site per the recommendations of Ed Robinson Dive shop in Kihei. As previously stated it is a bit of a surface swim, not too bad though if you get out early enough before the trade winds kick up otherwise you will be bobbing around through the white caps. The reef is pretty nice with some very unique formations but the sea life at the time we dove there was sparse. Saw some of the typical reef fish but not turtles or white tips from this entry. Ventured into the 'sandy bottom cave' which was pretty neat. The following day we went just around the corner and entered at 5 Graves where we had a fantastic dive and found 3 more of the caves, a white tip and 3 large turtles. Check out my review on 5 Graves/Caves page.