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40 Steps on 7/18/2009
Chris Wachtel
Chris Wachtel
Jul 18, 2009, 12:00 AM
I dove 40 Steps with my buddy Mack. We knew there was no parking near the site, so we unloaded my truck at the top of the steps. While I dropped the truck off at the Nahant/Lynn Beach ($3 Parking, 2 miles away), Mack lugged the gear down to the dive site. I brought a bike and road back to 40 Steps and locked it up there. We took two dives, left and right of the cove. The right side has a good deal of animal life (lobster, crabs, hermit crabs, flounder, schools of small fish, star fish).The left side has less animal life but has channels of reefs with plant life to swim through. I would recommend keeping right if you're only taking one dive. The maximum depth in the cove is 30 ft. I have been told it becomes deeper as you exit the cove but there was a strong current outside the cove. Locals were friendly and interested to hear about the dive. Remember to respect their beach, as they keep it very clean. Hope this helps.