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Channel Crevasses on 5/25/2009
Christopher Degn
Christopher Degn
May 25, 2009, 12:00 AM
I dove this site with two buddies. We found entering through the 'channel' (at low tide) to be quite difficult. Exit on the reef off the channel was easy, however. The drop-off from the reef immediately plunged us into what I would call an 'other worldly' experience with lots of crevasses or mini-canyons and caves to explore. Saw Moorish Idols, convict tangs, blue parrotfish, clownfish (on a bed of anemones, of course), and lots of spectacular corals whose names I do not know. I also saw a couple of species of sea cucumbers I had not seen before and the always beautiful blue sea stars. The visibility was a little murky (30'-50'). Great dive. Would do it again.