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Lauderdale by the Sea on 7/16/2006
Cindy Thackston
Cindy Thackston
Jul 16, 2006, 12:00 AM
This was my and my husband's first time to the Anglin Pier beach dive at Lauderdale by the Sea. I am a novice diver and my husband is an advanced diver - we both enjoyed the 2nd reef off the Anglin Pier! We snorkeled out starting at 100 yards to the right of the pier as you face it from the beach, continued snorkeling for about 300 yards east and then we continued on scuba to about 100 yards north of the pier. We had been told by the Deep Blue Diving shop that this was the "sweet spot" and they were not exaggerating! We saw an electric ray, nurse shark, turtle, lobster, Queen Angle fish, Blue Tangs, etc. (the variety of reef life was in abundance) You have to take your time and look into the tongue and groove reef formation for the hidden surprises. We will be going back in the fall to continue our experience for 5 days.