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Puako Village End on 2/17/2003
Feb 17, 2003, 12:00 AM
This is one of the best dive locations in all of Hawaii. I have dove almost every shore location you can think of in all the islands and I must say this is in the top three. The reef and visibility has been 100+ every time I have dove here. An interesting place to descend is through a lava tube out on the lava shelf. Head straight out from the parking area and to the right over the shallow lava shelf. This is tricky some times during low tide. You might find yourself rolling on your back as the waves crash on you, yuck!!. I never had this problem but I heard someone else did. Once you find the lava tube, descend through until you reach bottom at about 20 feet of water. Head out towards the ocean. The lava tube has a fractured ceiling with light coming through. In the picture on the web-site taken from the air, you can see the lava tube in the middle of the picture. It's very small but it's there. Once your heading out to deeper water, either head to the right along lava fingers, or out to deep, DEEP, water. Be careful of depth. Once you see the drop off, its easy to get beyond 150 feet. Watch your gage. It's tempting to go deep. My friend went to 151 feet at this location to see garden eels. You should not go beyond 100 feet unless you know what your doing and have had proper training.