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Spooky Channel on 4/23/2003
Don M.
Don M.
Apr 23, 2003, 12:00 AM
Spooky Channel makes a great dive. Guaranteed lobsters, shrimps, octopus, rays and groupers. Not a typical tropical wall dive until you get outside. The channel itself is more like doing a cave/cavern dive. Lots of overhangs and crevices. I like the channel best, but outside of the channel is a terrific wall dive. Do the free orientation at the dive shop because you don't want to swim against the current on the way back in. There are some side channels and tunnels you might miss if you don't know where they are. The resort gave us a good price for a fill & drop-off/pick-up in their whaler ($15 if I remember right). They also fixed my reg no charge. We did this a few times over 3 weeks. Check with the dive masters before making the swim because if the viz gets bad, it gets really bad! Otherwise, it is my favorite dive on Roatan. My wife snorkels & spent all day in the channel and surrounding area. The resort has a raft that was tied to a buoy in the channel. I don't think it is always there, but it makes a nice place for snorkelers to get out of the water, keep a dry bag with drinks, etc. On a practical note, we left our keys & valuables in the dive shop. Definitely worth at least 2 dives. We didn't see all of it, but we are going back next year.