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Boca Bartol South on 3/29/2013
Donna Kramer
Donna Kramer
Mar 29, 2013, 12:00 AM
Match 2013: We picked a day with low wind and low surf, using WindGuru as a guide. Entry easy. It is the usual Bonaire snorkel to the point you want to drop down on the reef below, usually about 25 feet below. We dove for about an hour down to 60 feet, visibility was about 40 feet. This is a little below average for Bonaire. I was very disappointed to see so much dead coral. This area was damaged by Hurricane Lenny in 1999, and has not recovered. Because there is not much coral alive, there is not as much sealife as at other sites on Bonaire. The fingers of coral that were once alive are interesting to see.