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Ahihi Cove on 8/7/2008
Ed M
Ed M
Aug 7, 2008, 12:00 AM
Aloha, Ahihi cove/bay is an excellent spot for snorkelers and divers alike. The shear numbers, as well as varieties of fish are incredible. Even those who are not comfortable with venturing too far out will see an abundance of fish in the three to ten foot depths. Beginner divers as well as advanced snorkelers can stay within the confines of the cove where depths barely reach thirty feet. More advanced divers can snorkel out to the Bay's outer reefs prior to descending. These reefs hit sand bottom at a depth of around fifty feet. Multiple varieties of many species including grouper, snapper, parrot fish, trumpet fish, butterfly fish, trevally, octopus, eels, etc., etc., can be seen, along with the possibility of many others. Several days prior to writing this my eleven year old daughter and I were snorkeling 40 yards out in a depth of fifteen feet. We were lying motionless on the surface observing a group of several species of small fish feeding around the bottom of a large lone rock/coral formation. Seemingly without reason the small group of fish instantly scattered, being the hunter that I am, I instinctively knew this meant one thing: predator! As I quickly turned to look back expecting to see a shark, a huge Blue fin Trevally, locally known as a 'Omilu', of at least four ft. in length and approximately thirty pounds or more came rushing in at lightning speed trying to catch one of the small fish. His attempt was unsuccessful, and he swam around and around the lone formation directly under us a number of times. It was a heart pounding experience which my daughter and I will always cherish. While fairly well protected from the trade winds, beware of the swells here. When large waves are coming in, stay out. It is always best if not necessary to make all dives on Maui in the mornings prior to the intense trade winds. For a great book on the dive sites in Maui, purchase 'THE DIVERS' GUIDE TO MAUI' by Chuck Thorne. It provides sites, maps, instructions on finding the site, entries, precautions, facilities, basically everything you need to know. Enjoy Maui's diving, mahalo.