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Biddeford Pool on 9/11/2012
Eric Sheltra
Eric Sheltra
Sep 11, 2012, 12:00 AM
Diving from the old coast guard station has been a favorite for the last 40 years. Swimming straight out to the rocky shoal about 200 yards out allows one to dump gear on the shoal and in the summer swim with the local seal population. On the land side of the shoal the max water depth may be 15 feet average and on the ocean side it drops quickly to 40 feet and levels to a sandy bottom. There is much to see around the shoal as there is plentiful animal and plant life. Enjoy the dive in a sheltered and protected cove area. I have dived here since 1969 and was a former resident of Biddeford ,as a student at Biddeford High School from 1969-73. This a fun dive and well suited for someone just starting out as well as an experienced diver looking for a quiet and peaceful dive.