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Cates Park on 1/26/2014
Jan 26, 2014, 12:00 AM
Went here once on a rainy ugly day. Vis was horrible, maybe 5~10 feet or even less if we touched the bottom. Had a decent first dive, cucumbers, urchins,starfish; the usual stuff. Second dive, buddy lost pocket weight, my glove popped off, we bailed 5 minutes in. Current was strong at this point, as well as the surf. Went a second time in Late January. It was great! Sunny day, park was busy with crabbers and park gooers. Heres a list of things I saw just around the dock and the shoreline on the right of it (if you are facing the water. Moon Jelly, Lumpsucker, Hood Nudibranch, tons of what I believe to be Verrucose Aeolid, Plumose Anemome, Sculpins, Bay Goby…I could go on. My partner even spotted the elusive Pipefish. Second dive we swam out to the big docks in the right distance. Cannot say it was worth the swim. Though, on the way out we found a unattached crab trap with more than half dozen large male crabs inside. Lets say my family were happy campers when I got home. Tons of dungeness crab, watch out for size though. Great for beginner divers!