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Hanauma Bay on 11/18/2007
Gary from Denver
Gary from Denver
Nov 18, 2007, 12:00 AM
My first ever Oahu shore dive. I'd have to give it an excellent rating because it's almost perfect for the recreational diver and, if you're into hardcore stuff, the outer reef awaits you. The entry point is about 50yds from the drop off point of the little car which will haul you and your gear down to the base of the crater. It's marked with a dive buoy so it's tough to miss. I would surface swim through the gap (you don't have to crawl over the reef). This is pretty easy to do because the water spills over the reef and exits through this gap (take note of this because it's pretty tough to get back in). Surface swim toward the crater rim. After you get in about 25ft of water you can drop down and enjoy some very nice reef that hasn't been beat to death by the tourists. Once down you'll find two cables. Follow either on to the rim and enjoy the dive. Turtles, squid, all kinds of reef fish. Plan about 300lbs of extra air to get you back through the gap. This is easily the toughest part of the dive. You literally have to bottom crawl to get back in. The only other tough part of this shore dive is getting your tanks from the car to the place where the shuttle picks you up. I'd suggest taking a small luggage cart or something with wheels to get the tanks there. I lugged them but the haul back to the car was a little tough.