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Gordon's Dive Log


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Nov 26, 2010, 12:00 AM
11/25/2010 - Nice dive spot, but be warned you'll think it really sucks if you stay close in shore as most of the reef is dead and covered with brown algae. Also, close in shore there is a back and forth surge, not dangerous just annoying that sweeps you to the left then sweeps you to the right, back and forth and trying to stay still to look at something is difficult. Now for the good part, once you get into deeper water (20 feet plus) the surge pretty much is eliminated and the reef isn't dead and there are a lot more critters. Saw Trigger fish, Trumpet fish, a variety of urchins, watch where you put your hands as there are lots of them especially inshore and you can grab a piece of rock to stop yourself and put you hand on one, (Ouch!!). I will go back here sometime soon as we just stumbled onto the interesting parts of the reef just as it was time to head back to shore. Easy shore entry, vis was 80+ at depth, less inshore. Talk to the life guard as he really knows his stuff. There were not very many people there, (of course it was a Thursday and Thanksgiving). Study the aerial map before you go, and pick out some areas on shore you can use as markers to help you scoot right out to the nice parts of the reef.