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Sunny Side Park on 6/1/2014
Jun 1, 2014, 12:00 AM
My buddy and I have been exploring South Sound dive sites and this one came up as worth a look. We both enjoyed the site enough to do 2 dives the day we went. Here are some bullets to narrow down the pros/cons. <br>Pros: <br>1) Good accommodations at the park picnic benches, outdoor shower, bathrooms, play ground, undercover BBQ area. <br>2) From inside the park it's an easy walk down the stairs to the beach and dive entry point. <br>3) Super easy to find the start of the pipeline: From the outdoor shower set your compass to 290 (or the right side tip of the island across the water) and go until you get to ~35-45fsw, depending on the tide. <br>4) Small pipeline on a very gradual slope. We only followed it down to 80fsw, but the pipeline carried on after that. Deeper exploration is possible. <br>5) Underwater lines that lead to the sunken skiffs, frosty the snowman and various other items. Worth the tour. <br>6) Lots of critters: GPO's, sea pens, surf perch, rock fish, crabs, gunnels, tube snouts...so many critters. <br>7) Even on a 10ft exchange (8ft to -2ft) we experienced almost zero current on both of our dives. Though it is always a good idea to follow all safe diving practices when planning your own dive...meaning, our easy current day may have been a fluke. <br>Cons:<br> 1) Parking is currently $5/day. Bring cash, they don't accept regular park, state, etc. passes. <br>2) Parking fills up FAST, especially after 10AM on the weekends. Don't expect to find parking in the summer if you arrive later. <br>3) It's a bit of a walk from the parking lot to the gear-up area (by the outdoor shower). <br>4) Tons of boats in the area during the summer, so bring a flag. (Note: We did bring our flag and the boats graciously obeyed the 200' rule…and came toward the shore as soon as we took our flag out of the water after our 2nd dive. Lol!)