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Breakwater Cove on 9/14/2003
Sep 14, 2003, 12:00 AM
The site is good. Cold shower and restroom facilities are on site and this is already more than in most places around north-cal. Entry is easy, but you have to hug the breakwater to enter in the end of summer, because the kelp is growing rapidly and by end of summer covers mst of the entry area (spring is the best time to dive there). Visibility is most of the time bad, but you really have to check local tide data to pinpoint the exact time when the tide is in or out and you will have a great vis dive. Also because this is number 1 spot to dive among all diving instructors around it is also best if you can dive here on a weekday (weekend is usually 100+ extra divers around and as they are beginners they tend to dust the sad up to block the vis even more) then you can enjoy it even more. To consided parking and tides I recommend you get here around 6-6:30am to get a good spot next to grassy area and also get the best vis. Have fun…