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Black Rock on 4/24/2013
Jim Emig
Jim Emig
Apr 24, 2013, 12:00 AM
We (four of us) dove Black Rock on April 18th 2013 (my birthday) On a Maui breezy day with a tropical 82 degrees reading on my dive computer. It started with driving the car to Kaanapali beach access north and drop the family and all the gear off. I then returned to the free beach-use parking, with one spot left (8am) I joined up with the family (short walk) gathered our gear and headed to the beach. (another short walk) We entered from the North side went all the way around the rock did an air check (all 1400+ psi) and proceeded to turn around (no current) and head back to the north and exit where we started. I have been diving here many times. But this time! We saw amazing animals while listening to Humpbacks in the distance. 4 perfectly timed spotted eagle rays swam the entire time with us. We saw five Green sea turtles, a white tip reef shark and two nice green eels. The final amazing experience was a nice large sea snake not an eel but a sea snake curled up in between coral heads. The last most memorable moment was my wife (Marleen) and I watching my future son in law (Sean from Australia) propose to our daughter Shari with a white board. (she said yes!) Memories….. It's no wonder I always have Maui on my mind.