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Honolua Bay on 4/5/2007
Apr 5, 2007, 12:00 AM
I just visited the bay last week (3/30/07) and had an experience I'll carry with me forever. I parked along the road at a pull-out just across from the entry. Had no problems with break-in nor was I asked for a donation. I started out snorkeling up the right side of the bay. A lot of nice coral and sea life. About 300 yards up the reef on that side, I decided to swim over to the left side of the bay. The current had begun to pick up so it was slow going. I hit the middle of the bay where the reef ended. The water started getting murky, so I couldn't see bottom. Because of the current and the murky water, I was beginning to wonder if this was worth it. I came up to orient myself and saw 10-15 fins about 10 yards from me. That raised my heart rate quickly. I ducked back under water to see a pod of spinner dolphins. They began swimming to the right of me, to the left of me, and underneath me. I just floated in place for about five minutes as they played. Fortunately, I had my underwater camera; unfortunately, the water was a bit murky. But I do now have some pictures and memories that will stay with me.