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John at Honokka

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Puako Village End on 9/10/2012
John at Honokka
John at Honokka
Sep 10, 2012, 12:00 AM
This dive is good for Hawaii but that doesn't really mean much. I live nearby and dive here all the time because it's pretty easy. You're not going to see anything big. You're not going to see anything medium sized either. It's all the leftover, little aquarium fish that are left from decades of over fishing. The 'locals' don't really scuba dive. They don't care about conservation either. 'Locals' snorkel around and use pole spears to take all they can. I see it almost daily. It's sad. Dive here and count the fish you see over two pounds. You won't do it on one hand. But then the rest of the state is as bad or worse. The lava and reef looks nice. Check your tides. High and slack are safest. Use your compass and save air and energy.