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John from Torrance
John from Torrance
Aug 4, 2008, 12:00 AM
Just had one of my most memorable days here. I'm a freediver/spearfisherman and went out on a solo mission. The vis was great, 20-30 feet, but seemed to be better inside the outer kelp (100yrds off shore). Went to south side around protruding rocks, and fished for awhile. Lots of life in/around rocks about 30ft deep at the farthest rock. Just before I was going to call it a day, out of nowhere a giant sea turtle came upon me. The curious creature hung around for 15 mins allowed me to get about 3ft from him before we parted ways. Great experience! The hike back up isn't so bad. It's steep but the well built path makes it a little easier.