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John Painter
John Painter
Mar 10, 2010, 12:00 AM
We stayed at the home right before Place of Refuge. Beautiful home, surrounding, etc. Diving was amazing. We saw turtles, cudas, all types of fish, and of course dolphins. Very easy in and out, just time it with the current and you will be ok. Don't grab into the rocks, flat hand only. This is a dolphin refuge during the day. We've seen them while diving and snorkling, and we have pics from about 10' away. On one day we must have seen 50 or so, the other time at least 100 with babies. That day was so amazing! Did a night dive, and that was great too! If you are night diving on a full moon, turn your light off and you can see all the shrimp in the coral, thousands of eyes looking at This is an amazing place to dive! All levels.