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Joseph R Gessert
Joseph R Gessert
Mar 20, 2010, 12:00 AM
I've done a dozen dives at Beach 8th over the last two years. The marine life is tremendous--skates, pipefish, lobster, blackfish, seasonal tropicals, and of course abundant crabs and sea stars. The entry is easy and navigation simple. The fishermen, however, can be very aggressive, and are souring me on the site. I have had my flag intentionally snagged several times now while I was with students, the last time by a surly off-duty police officer. The number of fishing lines in the water on a nice day can be downright dangerous. When diving there I recommend setting a course straight south across the channel so as to avoid the fishermen on either side. That said, it's still amazing to see so much wildlife in the middle of NYC.