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Ken 2
Apr 30, 2011, 12:00 AM
Edmonds Underwater Park is always a great dive for beginners or experienced divers. A ton of stuff has been sunk in this park, and it has attracted a lot of sea life over the years. You're sure to see huge lingcod, cabezons, crab, nudibranches, and all sorts of other sea life here. It can be a bit of a surface swim out to the cool stuff during high tide. There's rarely any real current here, but visibility is usually best during smaller tidal exchanges. Visibility often goes to zero during larger exchanges, so it's always good to see what the tides are doing. If you've never been here before, you may hear the nearby ferry coming/going. It can sound like it's right on top of you, but as long as you're in the roped area, you're safe. The Cabezons get a little irritable from about Dec-March when they're sitting on eggs. They'll charge and give you a head-butt if you're too close, but they can't really hurt you. If one comes after you, just give them some room, and make sure they don't hit your mask/regulator.