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Black Rock on 8/27/2009
Kimberly Woods
Kimberly Woods
Aug 27, 2009, 12:00 AM
Black Rock is great for all beginning skin and scuba divers as long as you don't mind people. Go early in the morning before the tourists wake up and fill the water with sunscreen run-off. The marine is abundant even with so many people around and the variety amazing. Every visit I've made in the past several years has produced a turtle sighting. I've come across some large lobster molts and if you're an avid snorkeler, you can spot lobster under the rock ledges. There is only the side of the cliff to view for marine life but take frequent glances back at the open sandy area to spot the turtles and pelagic fish. When the surge isn't up the shallows offer some colorful invertebrates from crabs, shrimps, to the blue starfish and pencil urchins. Remember, go early if you want a peaceful dive before the crowds come.