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Kristi's Dive Log


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Sep 5, 2007, 12:00 AM
This was my fourth time diving here and my first time without my instructor. I did my advanced class back in March 2007. It is a great place to go for all skill levels! The day was beautiful and the visibility was great!! It was easy to navigate around and enjoy what the park has to offer. I saw a huge lingcod…the biggest I have ever seen…it was over 3 feet long and it looked like the head was as big as mine :) We did two dives starting around 12pm and 3:30pm. The first dive was a surface swim out to the middle of the park and we dropped down….we were headed towards the boat in the back with the diver's flag near the boundary. On the second dive we surface swam out next to the left-most boundary, dropped down and headed North across the park and back to shore. One thing that I noticed was that the ropes were hidden underneath kelp…purple kelp…..which put our navigation to the test! All in all it was a great day and I recommend Edmonds Underwater Park to everyone!! I don't see how one could get bored with 27 acres!!!