Lynne's Dive Log


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Sand Harbor, Tahoe on 7/3/2013
Jul 3, 2013, 12:00 AM
Excellent beginner site. Very popular site for swimmers so go early as the park opens or later in the day around 3. Go to the area they call scuba cove on the map that they give you when you pay your entrance fee of $12. It is a sandy bottom that does not stir up silt and is easy to walk in and out with gear. Out by buoys they have some things to see like the old top of a barge and some old buoy anchors at about 20 feet. Make sure you have a dive flag -- it is required. There are a bunch of big boulders to swim around and clarity is pretty good. There was a scuba class there when I went that was just getting out. Beach is crowded but out where you dive it is not. Very good spot to test equipment, learn and just get comfortable with your gear. The lake water is very clean and cold. The water was in the 60's in July and a 7 mil was very adequate and even a bit warm. I had hood and gloves as well. The deeper you go the colder it gets very fast. Some say you need a dry suit but my wet suit was fine for summer diving and I do not like cold water. The lake does not freeze in the winter. There is no where to fill you air tanks close by and no dive tours. It was a fun dive that I want to do again except I want to rent a boat next time to try the other spots. What a beautiful lake!