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Marcus's Dive Log


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Shaws Cove on 6/22/2008
Jun 22, 2008, 12:00 AM
Dove here for the first time today. Although the viz wasn't particularly good (15 feet), the reef structure to the north is pretty interesting. Trek down (and up) the steps can be tough if you're not in good shape, and parking can be a problem if you don't get there early. The surf was up a bit but doable if you're trained for it or used to it. You'll find sting rays and halibut on the way out. We headed to the north on our first dive (210 degrees from the beach) and followed the reef out to the point to a depth of 48'. Lot's of garibaldi, calico bass, cabezon hiding in the rocks at depth, cucumbers, and a variety of urchins and sea stars. Saw a large bat ray on the way back in. Nice dive site, but if you want to keep your mask and snorkel put them around your neck on the way out, and do the stingray shuffle on entry and exit.